How to get a cheap .com domain name and host it with SeekaHost?

How to get a cheap .com domain name and host it with SeekaHost

Website is the pillar of the business to build a brand and it all starts with the URL starts with www. When comes to URL, there is no doubt .com domains are a great choice for many online users to find your business website online. Why are many business owners looking for cheap .com domain name registration?The secret is .com domain extensions are more popular, and easier to remember when compared to other domain extensions. .com is still preferred by most website owners due to

  • Covers global network
  • Brings direct traffic
  • More than 80% of links go back to .com domain names.

Why .com domain extension?

A domain name extension is a Top-level domain (TLD) in the domain name system. .com is derived from the word commercial, as the name says mostly the .com is used for commercial organizations and business websites. The domain name with suffix .com is considered more valuable and the .com domain extension is easily understood by everyone from everywhere.

So, the .com extension is best for a business website to create trust and confidence among the customers and helps your business to grow further.

Trusted sites

Website having .com extension was trusted by global customers as well as local merchants. .com helps both small and large businesses to get connect with online customers and business partners.


.com have special recognition in business worldwide. Whenever you register a .com domain name for your business website, you are choosing the right path to grow your business for success.


.com domain extension is considered as most recognized and trusted domain extension. .com domain gives more credibility to your business site and search engine understand its value. Also, the .com extension helps to boost the SEO value of your website.

.com domain extension

Advantages of a .com domain

Easy to remember

A website with a .com extension is very catchy and easy to remember. A memorable website is important for business growth. .com domain extensions are well respected in the world.

Default extension

Everyone automatically types the website address if they remember the business name if it ends an extension. This will boost the SEO value and site traffic.

Global value

A website with .com extensions has high value globally and the demand for .com extensions is increasing day today. Companies that have international customers go for .com extension to target global customers.

Who Uses a .com domain extensions?

Companies that have customers anywhere in the world can register with .com domain extensions. Many companies use second-level domain extension with the country code to target the local customers. There are no restrictions to register a .com domain extension, Nowadays, even non-commercial business owners want to get the .com domain extension due to its advantages.

For this reason, I decided to build a blog on .com domain extensions and how to register cheap .com domain extensions for your business website in detail. If you are really interested to buy a domain name with the best domain hosting company, then stay focused on upcoming sections.

With cheap. Com domain you can

·        Build your own new blog or portfolio to showcase your interests or works to your audience

·        .com domain is suitable for small business websites for setting up an online store.

·        With the .com domain, you can build multiple PBNs.

·        .com domain name is suitable for setting up an eCommerce store for your online business.

·        .com domain is the best option for starting your blogging journey.

Get cheap .com domain name with SeekaHost

SeekaHost – #no1 blog hosting provider in the UK, now offering the domain name registration and cheap blog hosting for your business website or blog for just $5.99. This is a standard price for the second year also. Some hosting providers, sell .com domains for a cheap price in the first year and then increase the renewal price in the second year itself. But at SeekaHost you can renew the domain at the best price. SeekaPanel is rated as the world’s fastest domain registering the application and best hosting control panel based on its features.

.com domain name in SeekaHost

Getting a .com domain name for your new website becomes very simple with SeekaHost. A domain name is the most important factor for business success. Having .com domain name boost your SEO value and increase your website ranking by reaching more audience.

The famous domain registrars like GoDaddy and Bluehost offer cheap domain name registrations even below the SeekaHost price. This thing this not applicable to the .com domain. When comes to .com domains, you won’t it for such a cheap rate anywhere like SeekaHost.

So, if you are looking for domain name registration, then SeekaHost is the best option.

Pick a cheap .com domain name and register your domain with SeekaHost for an affordable price.

Step-by-step procedure to register a cheap .com domain with SeekaHost

A good .com domain will help you to build the website. Especially the .com domain works better for SEOs and PNB creators.  with SeekaHost you can get more domain name options with .com extension for the cheap price of $5.99.

Visit SeekaHost and get started with the registration process. Whether you want to register a new .com domain or looking for expired domains, SeekaHost provides you the best service for the best price.

.com domain name with seekahost

Select any .com domain for just $5.99 and make it yours in a minute.

Step 1: Check for the domain name availability

To check the domain availability, search for a domain name at Enter your domain name in the search box option to check the availability.

domain name search with SeekaHost


Step 2: Pick the domain name with .com extension

Here the entered domain name extension was already taken by someone else. So, I am going for the available option extension for a $5.99 price.

Domain name selection at SeekaHost

Step 2: Sign-up to the SeekaHost portal

If you are the new user sign-up to the SeekaHost portal to finish the checkout option Otherwise if you are an existing user, you can directly sign in to your account and access the portal

Login to the seekaHost port


Step 3: Add to cart

Select the .com domain name and add it to your cart. The domain name which you have already added will be available on your basket. Pick it and proceed to the check-out option. Here you have an option for auto-renewal.

Domain name checkout

Step 4: Fill- out your details for domain registration

After selecting the domain name and plan details, there is a column to fill in all your personal details including your name, email address, contact address, and contact number to create a new user account for the further communication process.

Seekahost Portal

Step 5: Proceed to Payment Process and select payment type

After entering all your details, the next option is the payment process. Here you can select the mode of payment gateway and finish the payment process to own your domain. domain name with SeekaHost


How to Host a .com domain with SeekaHost?

To make your website live you need to host the chosen .com domain with the best blog hosting sites like  SeekaHost.

SeekaHost offers the best web hosting plans for you.

Click on WordPress hosting plans, to access the cheapest hosting plans offered by SeekaHost.

select hosting plans at SeekaHost

Here you can see the WordPress hosting plans starts from $1.49/ mo and the price range varies for different packages.

Wordpress hosting plan features

I am choosing a basic plan that starts with $1.49/ mo for a single WordPress site.

After choosing a plan you need to pay for it separately for the activation. Once the plan got activated on your account you can start building your first WordPress website.

Go to WordPress and blogs —.>WordPress site

Create new website

Select the “Add WordPress Site “button to set up your first website.

In addition to you have to change the name servers, to make your website live after hosting it on SeekaHost.

Check out this video to get a domain with SeekaHost

Factors to be considered while registering a .com domain at SeekaHost

1.   Choose a Brand name

Having a brand name in your domain gives uniqueness and also it makes to stand out. Brandable domain names are better for the SEO process and it helps to reach more people easily.

2.   Choose .com extension – Top TLDs

.com is for easy remembrance and one of the familiar domain extensions that makes your brand more professional. People believe websites having .com domain extensions are genuine.

3.   Avoid exact match domains

Exact match domains mean, having an exact keyword as a domain name. sometimes having a keyword on a domain doesn’t give any meaning. This will affect SEO growth. Search engines consider having exact match keywords on a domain as spam.

4.   Avoid hyphens in Domain name

Having hyphens in your domain name also consider spam. Try to avoid using a hyphen while selecting a domain name for your website.

5.   Choose a shorter name

Shorter domain name easy to remember and memorable. So, no doubt the shorter domain name with the .com extension reaches a greater audience and brings more organic search volumes to your website. Shorter domain names will always stay in visitors’ minds and this is one of the great advantages.

Final Words

Having the right domain extension adds more value to your business website. .com domain extension is the first and best choice for many internet users. Register a cheap .com domain name right now with SeekaHost via SeekaHost App and SeekaPanel and avail all the features.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.     Can anyone get the .com domain?

Yes. Anyone who likes to buy a .com domain can register for a .com domain extension for their business website. Usually, the .com domain extension is given for the commercial process to wish to target the global customers. Now everyone picks the .com domain due to its popularity and to reach more people. For that, you must visit the domain name registrar like SeekaHost or GoDaddy. For the domain name, SeekaHost is the best option. If you want to get a cheap .com domain name like then check the availability for your domain name, once the status comes like available, register it immediately without any delay. Otherwise, someone will register the same domain name. Selecting a good domain register matters.

2.     How long it will take to register a .com domain at SeekaHost?

Registering any domain with the domain registration will take anywhere from 4hours to a single day for the registration process alone. But with SeekaHost you can own your .com domain name within 5 minutes. SeekaHost is rated as the world’s fastest domain register. Registering a .com domain at SeekaHost takes only a few steps.

1.     Go to the SeekaHost portal

2.     Search the domain name and check the availability

3.     Sign-up to create your user account

4.     Select the domain name and add it to the cart

5.     Proceed with the payment process and own your domain.

3.     How much does it cost to buy a .com domain?

Buy domain name at $5.99, the cheapest price ever. SeekaHost provides a .com domain extension just for $5.99 with all advanced features includes a user interface, Linux hosting, secured SSL certificate, optimized speed server, tech support 24/7. The best hosting with the best price always brings more growth to your business. Buy a domain extension and get your website live today.

4.     Who is the Cheap .com domain provider?

Seekahost is the best choice for getting a cheap .com domain because of several reasons

·        WordPress installation at one-click

·        Securable server hosting

·        Automatic-backups option

·        Hosting on multiple servers and IPs

·        Free SSL certificate activation

·        Free WordPress migration

·        DDoS protection

·        Provides 24/7 Tech support.

5.     Why .com domain name is best?

.com domain names are best for your brand because it gives more credibility and value to your business website. .com domain extensions are top-level domain extensions used by plenty of online users. Otherwise having a .com domain extension in the suffix brings more trust and authority among the users as well as search engines. Many SEOs recommended .com domain extension to get more organic traffic to the business website and having a .com domain extension improves credibility and reliability. domain extension for your business website is the best option among any other domain extensions available.

6.     Can I get the .com domain for free?

Yes. Many domains hosting company gives, .com domains for free, but only for the first year. From the second year itself, they rise the cost along with the renewal amount. So, here my suggestion is instead of focusing on free. .Com domain hosting goes with domain hosting services provided by SeekaHost.

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