How to get cheap email hosting with custom domain for professional business?

You can get a cheap email hosting service via control panel. Not just email hosting, is known for offering cheap PBN hosting and WordPress hosting. 

Using all the SeekaHost hosting services, you can host your WordPress blog in minutes. 

In this article, you will learn how to buy cheap email hosting and set up a professional email with a custom domain. 

A professional email address can be used to build trust with your customers. This would also help you build new partnerships with cold email outreach.

Once you have purchased email hosting at, you can create a professional email. A professional email when created looks like for sending & receiving emails. 

Read this tutorial to learn the steps of buying an email hosting via the, and setting up a business email. 

Before going through the steps, you should know why SeekaHost is the best email hosting provider.

Why is the best & cheapest email hosting provider?

seekahost cheap email hosting

  • You can set up a professional email in no time. I will show you in the later section how you can do it in quick steps. 
  • The price is unbeatable starting at just $1 per month. You won’t get this price anywhere else.
  • At $1 per month, you will get one mailbox, but there is no restriction on the no. of mailboxes. So, choose a plan with the no. of mailboxes you want and the space you need to host professional email.
  • Creating a business email with the SeekaHost email hosting is one click. 
  • The email interface is clean with no ad interference. An intuitive design helps you focus on your business without getting distracted.
  • If you want to integrate your SeekaHost email with Outlook or other email providers, you can do it effortlessly.

seekahost email hosting Email Hosting Plans

seekahost email hosting plans offers four fascinating email hosting plans. The plans range from $1 per month up to $20 per month. The cost is based on the space for email storage and the number of mailboxes. 

Personal Plan: For one mailbox, you can choose the Personal plan starting at $1/month. The plan contains 5GB of email storage which is sufficient for hosting one email. 

Startups Plan: At $3 per month, the plan offers 3 mailboxes with 15 GB of email storage. 

Business Plan: The plan starts at $10 per month with 10 mailboxes and 50 GB of email storage.

Enterprise Plan: Starting at $20 per month, this is the most expensive plan but still affordable compared to SeekaHost competitors. With this plan, you get 100 GB of email storage. 

Let me show you the steps to purchase email hosting and then set up a business email.

How to Buy Cheap Email Hosting via

You can start with a free account registration at SeekaHost. Click on the Get Started button and sign up with your email address. Remember that you should register with your active email address, as that would be your username. Also, you will have to verify the email, so you need access to the email account.

seekahost signup

Enter your first name, last name, and email address. Also, set a password. Now agree to the terms and complete the registration. 

seekahost account reg

Log into the SeekaPanel with your registered email and password. Inside the SeekaHost control panel, you can purchase an email hosting plan.

To buy an email hosting plan, you need to navigate to the Email Hosting section. Click on it and you will see the four plans as already explained in the above section.

seekahost dashboard

If you need one mailbox, you can go ahead with the $1 per month plan.

seekahost professional email

Choose the plan and then fill up the required fields. Click on Continue to Subscribe. 

seekahost address

With multiple payment options including PayPal, you can easily make the purchase. Click on Order now to complete the payment.

seekahost payment confirm

You can check your email for the order confirmation. 

seekahost payment success

So, these were the steps to buying cheap email hosting via the SeekaHost control panel. Now that you have an email hosting plan, you can set up a professional email with your custom domain. 

How To Set up a Professional Email Address with Custom Domain?

To set up a professional email, you need a domain registered. You can buy a new domain at SeekaHost starting at only $5 per year. Or, you could continue with your existing domain. 

To create a professional email, go to Email Hosting. As you have already purchased an email hosting plan, click on Create New Email button. You can easily locate the button on the control panel screen.

Now enter your domain so you can proceed with email creation. Click on Use This Domain button.

seekahost use domain

Click on Create to proceed with the email creation for the custom domain you have chosen.

seekahost create email

Just wait for a few seconds as the SeekaHost control panel creates an email for you.

seekahost professional email list

You can see that your email is active and you can check your email for the activation message.

These were simple steps to creating a professional email with a custom domain. Now I will show you how to create a mailbox. If you chose the Starter plan, you could create only one mailbox.

Inside the SeekaPanel, go to Domain, and then settings. Next to the domain name, you will see an Action button. Click on it and you will see Create mailbox option.

seekahost create mailbox

Click on Create mailbox and enter the email address that you want for your domain. This could be admin, info, sales, service, etc. Set a password for your webmail login. Using this email and password, you can access the webmail and send or receive emails. 

seekahost mailboxusername password

When you click on Save Changes, your mailbox will be ready. 

seekahost mailbox ready

Click on webmail and log in to your email dashboard using the professional email and password.

seekahost webmail login

After mailbox creation, you need to set up the MX records so you receive emails in your inbox. A confirmation email on mailbox creation is sent to your registered email.

seekahost mailbox confirmation

The below image shows what the SeekaHost webmail looks like. Isn’t it clean and user-friendly?

You will love it when you use it.

seekahost webmail interface

To set up the MX records, go to Domain> settings> DNS management. Click on Enable to set the MX record.  

seekahost dns

Choose MX record type, set the priority to 0, and edit the hostname to your domain name.

seekahost mx config

Here, I have shown my domain name, but you need to replace it with yours.

seekahost hostname

seekahost mx priority

Simply click on Save, and the MX record settings will be updated. You can now proceed with your webmail testing. 

Just like you do it in Gmail, you can compose a new mail and type the recipient’s email. Add a subject, enter the text, and attach any files if any.  

Click on Send and your email will reach your client. 

seekahost test webmail

To test the email services, use your email in the recipient’s email address. With the same email, you can reply to your professional email.

seekahost test email

This way you can test both send and receive email services via webmail created on SeekaHost.

seekahost email recieve

Following the steps will let you begin composing your email within minutes.

seekahost email testing done

Why Choose a Professional Email Address?

A professional email address for a professional business is a must. If you don’t have a business email, how will clients recognize you? 

Moreover, your emails will land in spam. You will lose your business from existing clients. 

Without a business email, it is difficult to reach out to new clients as they wouldn’t trust you. A business email increases the chances of email opening. The email open rate increases and recipients will read the inside of the email.

You have already seen the steps to buy email hosting at SeekaHost and set up the business email.

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I hope the steps I showed in this tutorial were easy and could be done by you without any more help needed. 

But, if you still need some help, you can reach out via email or ask your questions in the comments section.

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