SeekaHost Review: Top 3 Personal Website Hosting: Monthly Packages Reviewed

SeekaHost review

When it comes to personal website hosting, you should opt for an affordable and at the same time, reliable company to host your website. Because there are numerous website hosting services online and very few can offer the guidance and assurance to set up your website and get it working right.

Fortunately, SeekaHost is one of these few premium hosting companies that can provide reliable services to anyone who wants to buy personal website hosting online to build their website. They also provide online training courses that would guide you on how to organize your site and get it live on the web very fast and efficiently.

What is Personal Web Hosting?

Personal web hosting is the package that is most suitable for personal websites; this is quite different from business web hosting.

These sets of sites are simply for startups that may not be equipped with the financial clout to run expensive servers, so they are priced at affordable rates to enable anyone to get their websites up and running. Some newbies believe that you need a lot of technical experience to host their websites, but that is far from true.

All you need is the right web host provider that supports you with all the help you need to host your personal website, just like SeekaHost. When it comes to personal web hosting, opt for SeekaHost because they are prepared to give you reliable and high-quality services at an affordable price.

SeekaHost Personal Web Hosting Packages

Small Personal Web Hosting

This package is the most basic and cheapest way to get your website live and running, and it allows your website to run without any performance difficulty. It includes hosting for one site. You get 1GB of disk space and 10GB of bandwidth. It also comes with one email account, a control panel, a one-click app installer, and a free SSL certificate. Its price is $2.49 per month.

Medium Personal Web Hosting

This package is for medium growth personal websites. These are sites that have sizable traffic and require specific resources to help them reach their next level. But it is still within an affordable price range, and always ensures that your website gets all the support it needs to get online. It provides hosting for three sites. You get 3GB of disk space and 30GB of bandwidth. It also comes with three email accounts, a control panel, a one-click app installer, and a free SSL certificate. Its price is $4.99 per month, making it only $1.63 per hosted website.

Large Personal Web Hosting

This package deals with the most advanced personal websites. It gives you all the resources you need to make your website flourish on the web without issues. It can host five sites. You get 5GB of disk space and 50GB of bandwidth. It also provides for five email accounts, a control panel, one-click app installer, and a free SSL certificate. Your monthly payment will be $7.99 for this personal web hosting plan, adding up to a mere $1.59 per hosted website, what a bargain!

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Why is SeekaHost the preferred host for your Personal Website?

SeekaHost is one of the few web hosting companies offering reliable services at affordable prices at all times.

They provide you with online courses that are sure to make your business successful, and your website known on the web. Every personal web hosting package comes with its guide that would support you in getting your personal website live in less than five minutes.

SeekaHost assures 99.9% uptimes and 24/7 live support for you. So, at any point in time when you need their help for your website, they are always at your service. Their premium website hosting servers are continually optimized for speed and reliability. They also deliver the best loading speed for the websites hosted on their servers, which is a considerable advantage for webmasters hosting their sites with SeekaHost.

Choose SeekaHost for an affordable and positive personal web hosting experience

You are probably wondering how all these fantastic packages come with just buying a personal web hosting plan. Well, SeekaHost has more to offer as they work with new technologies; they discover new ways to improve the performance of the services they render. So, it is safe to say that if you choose SeekaHost to be your personal website host provider, you are sure of its affordability, performance, and reliability.

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