Top 18 Hosting Control Panels List For Best Web Hosting Experience

Top 18 Hosting Control Panels List For Best Web Hosting Experience

The hosting control panels is a web-based interface tool used to manage their servers along with the hosted services. Control panels are one of the effective methods to monitor all hosting services in an effective way. The hosting control panel allows you to monitor the services like managing the domain names, installing the applications, managing the email accounts virtually with the proper network.  Hosting control panels are usually simple to use, and it needs more concentration to avoid the simple mistake.

A web hosting control panel with a GUI is the best option to manage the web hosting services.

So, while choosing the hosting panel give more importance to its features and choose the advanced one.

Here we listed some popular Hosting control panels with advanced features for better maintenance.

Best 18 Hosting Control Panel List

1. SeekaPanel

SeekaPanel WordPress PBN Hosting Control Panel

SeekaPanel – A World’s best web hosting control panel designed specially to host WordPress blogs within a few seconds. Even beginners can easily host their sites without facing any difficulty on SeekaHost App. Now host your private blog networks more securely with seekaHost

2. cPanel


cPanel is the oldest web hosting control panel software released in 1996. It provides Linux based graphical interface and automation tools to make the website hosting process simple. Cpanel is a third-party application and it allows you to publish your own websites, and manage domains, web files, email accounts, and so on.

3. Plesk


Plesk is the top-ranked server hosting panel designed for both Linux and Windows operating systems. Plesk administrator model is flexible for dedicated and shared hosting. Plesk is more secure, and it is suitable for business websites and hosting businesses.

4. Webmin


Webmin is a web-based configurated control panel tool initially designed for Unix platforms. A later version is suitable for Windows OS. Webmin allows you to host your web files and application on both console and remotely. The latest versions have the features of translates updates, firewall modules, DNS records, etc.

5. Vesta Control Panel

Vesta Control Panel

Vesta Control Panel is the open-source web hosting control panel, used to create email accounts, FTP accounts and to manage the Domain Name System records. VestaCP allows you to manage multiple websites at the same time. Vesta Administration panel lets you manage the Packages, IPs, Graphs, Log-in activity, Firewall, Apps, Server, DNS, mail system, and Backups.

6. DirectAdmin


Direct Admin is one of the famous web hosting control panel services.  It provides a Multilingual Interface, so you can easily manage your languages. Its Graphical web-based interface makes the administration process easier.

7. Centos Web Panel

Centos Web Panel

Centos Web panel is the free hosting control panel designed for easy management of dedicated and VPS servers. CWP has advanced firewall features, secure login options, customized themes, language translation, and so on.


Easy Hosting Control Panel

Easy Hosting Control Panel is an open-source web hosting control panel effective for all kinds of websites Hosting. EHCP offers you to host your websites, create email accounts, FTP accounts, and so on.  Here, you can host multiple domains with a dedicated server. EHCP has features of SSL support, DNS, domain transfer, server backup, email forwarding, etc.

9. Ajenti


Agenti is a Linux-based lightweight control panel. Agenti is a hosting control panel that allows you to manage multiple websites, firewalls, email creation, FTP account, and log activities. Agenti is a simple hosting panel, which makes the hosting and website creation process simple.

10. Froxlor


Froxlor is the lightweight server management control panel that provides effective web hosting services, domain name services, creates and manages multiple emails and FTP accounts. This open-source platform simplifies the effort of managing your hosting plans.

11. ISPmanager

ISPS system

ISP manager is one of the best Linux-based web hosting control panels for all-website owners and hosting providers. It provides strong security, manages multiple domains and DNS records, databases, and server backups. This hosting control panel is suitable for both dedicated servers and VPS management.

12. Zpanel


Zpanel also an open-source web hosting control panel written in PHP available for both Unix and Windows and macOS. Zpanel is absolutely free for the admins and it has the features of remote hosting, DNS, FTP, and email accounts, managing multiple domain names and databases.

13. Interworx


Interworx is a secure web hosting control panel for hosting providers, resellers, and website owners. Its user-friendly design supports mobile devices.  Interworx is classified into two modules. Nodeworx for managing the servers and site work for managing the websites and domains.

14. Sentora


Sentora is an open-source web hosting control panel, especially for Linux distributions. It is a free hosting control panel that helps you to manage your server without any difficulty.

15. HC9

Hosting controller

Hosting controller (HC) is the shared hosting control module having both web-based and cloud-based service providers to manage both the Linux and Windows servers within a cluster. It helps to manage the different hosting servers running on different platforms through a single interface.

16. BlueOnyx


BlueOnys is the open-source simple designed hosting control panel. It provides a fully integrated web hosting platform that includes web-based services, email, domain registration, DNS, and file transfer services. BlueOnys is free to download and use.

17. ISPconfig


ISPconfig is one of the Open -Source hosting control panels that allow you to manage your servers directly through your browsers.  You can manage single or more servers under the same control panel.

18. Virtualmin


Virtualmin is the effective hosting control panel for managing Linux servers remotely. The main aim to design a Virtualmin is to manage the Apache servers.  If you going to manage more dynamic servers, Virtualmin could be a perfect choice. In end, Virtualmin is the perfect solution for domain hosting services and resellers.

Final Thoughts:

Since there is more number of hosting control panels for hosting services and webserver management. It is not an easy task to pick the best one. The best one is based on the features and User’s ratings.  Here we collected the top 18 hosting control panels offering the best services for users in the domain hosting game.

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