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Looking for different C Class IP hosting from Multiple location servers? – Then SeekaHost PBN Hosting solution is the best for hosting with unique IP addresses.

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SEO industry knows about different C Class IP hosting providers but most of them are just listed by affiliates who wanted to get affiliate commissions.

If you check most of the list posts that talks about the best different C Class IP hosting you can see most of them are not even recommending hosting that comes from with Multiple C Class IP private blog network hosting packages. They are just writing about web hosting and trying to convince the reader that normal web hosting is fine to host PBN aka private blog networks.

When your expertise has more to do with selling stuff on your e-commerce store or writing intriguing content on your blog, it would be understandably hard to figure out what most of the internet jargon means.

Take, for instance, ‘PBN web hosting with multiple C Class IPs.’ Bet you never heard that one before, and if you did, you still don’t exactly know what it means.

Well, if this pretty much explains your situation, you’re in luck. Read on to find out more about what SEO web hosting with multiple C Class IPs is all about.

What is different C Class IP Hosting?

Every site has its own unique IP address. Something like 316.218.86.10.  If you look closely you’ll see that this address has four different sections/classes. There are sections A, B, C, and D. In this case, 86 is what qualifies as C class. This is what shows your location, which in essence, is also the location of your website.

Two websites on two varying locations will show different C classes or C blocks. To increase your SEO, you can use backlinks on one site on one C block to promote your other site on another C block without hurting your rankings.

If the hosting company offers you different IPs on different servers located in various places, then what they are offering you is multiple C class IP hosting. These IPs come each one with its own control panel and server per website.

Using Multiple C class IPs is great because it has a tremendous effect on building and improving your site’s SEO.

As such, private blog network hosting with multiple C Class IPs entails targeting multiple C class IPs on servers in different geographical areas as a means to boost your marketing campaigns on several websites, DNS, IPs, domain names, and so on. All on one hosting account.

The end goal for using PBN hosting with multiple C Class IPs is to improve your site’s searchability. This, in turn, increases traffic to your site, thereby increasing your sales or conversions.

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This is a type of hosting used in the to host blogs for people who buy PBN Hosting. PBN hosting is vasty used by the SEO community and is a much cheaper option comparing the SEO hosting.

If you look at the SEO hosting provided by SeekaHost you can see the LiteSpeed server options and scalability options are available.

How SeekaHost can be of help

Do you own a few websites? Or maybe you are a search engine optimization company running blogs? If yes, then SeekaHost is who you want to partner with right away. At SeekaHost, we offer you the chance to host all your websites across multiple C class IPs.

Want to know why we are the best?

  • We offer the most reliable SEO web hosting with multiple C Class IPs
  • We offer our services at competitive rates
  • With us, you can customize and create your own package
  • We guarantee round the clock, 24/7 customer care support, email and chat included
  • We give you access to free scripts installation

Imagine managing over 100 websites and having to use different hosting services for each one of them? The amount of record-keeping not to forget time and effort that it would take would literally burn you out. is an unparalleled service provider whose track record speaks for itself.

SeekaHost PBN hosting with multiple C Class IPs to help make your job less complicated. With years of service and thousands of satisfied clients, you can bank on receiving impeccable results and top-notch SEO web hosting services.

Want to get started with Class C IP Hosting free trial for your blog or money site?

Then watch the below video and you shall know about what’s at the

More packages will be introduced to you over the coming days.

Any questions about different C Class IP hosting ask at the SeekaHost live chat support.

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