What Minecraft Server Hosting Should You Go For?

seekahost Minecraft server hosting

With everything these days going online, we wanted to find out the best UK Minecraft server hosting.

After some searching and testing we finally got down to a company called SeekaHost, they are the UK based Minecraft server hosting company. Although from what we can tell they are newer than some other hosts they seem to provide one of the best services we could find.

seekahost minecraft server hosting review

Problems with Other Hosting Providers in The UK

Although some other companies are well known worldwide, the UK service can quite often be interrupted simply by the distance of the player to the physical location of the server.

This is a problem we found with companies such as Shock byte (based in Australia) or Apex (based in the USA)

Although they are able to offer your servers that are somewhat closer than their country, it still leads to much worse gameplay when in the UK.

Unfortunately with worse gameplay comes fewer players as they choose to go for better gameplay without what is known as “lag”

Another problem we found was that the customer service for other hosting providers really differed. Some would get back to you with a preset message quickly but take a while to give you an actual answer. You get places such as Scalacube that simply tells you that they don’t help with admin work and also some hosts that simply can’t get back to you due to the number of tickets they receive daily.

best uk Minecraft server hosting

Why We Suggest You Host Your Minecraft Server With SeekaHost?

Let’s go through some of the main points we recommend SeekaHost over other hosting companies.

  • Customer Support
    You can feel that they genuinely care about resolving your problem. Not just someone trying to close a ticket quickly to move on to the next customer.
  • Server Up Time
    It is important that your server stays up and running, so far I have experienced no downtime from my server, and have been able to log on at any point.
  • Configurability and Other Features
    As with any servers, you need to be able to configure them, add plugins, mods, and anything else that might enhance the gameplay.
    We tested everything, including the plugin installation and removal process, the practicality of the FTP file access and also how easy it is to add a modification to your game if needed.
  • Server Lag
    We were happy to see there was no lag on the server we rented, we tried the Redstone package with 6gb and found that a number of us were able to join and we even invited a colleague from the USA to try and he said he played seamlessly.
    We also got offered a server based in the USA if we preferred, but that wasn’t necessary.
  • Usability
    They use a site called multicraft. I’ve seen this on some other hosts and truthfully it’s a good system. It has everything you might need clearly displayed and is easy to edit.
  • The SeekaHost Blog
    You can also check out their blog where they have a large number of tutorials for anything Minecraft server associated.

SeekaHost Minecraft review

Review of SeekaHost Minecraft Server Hosting

We loved the service here and want to add how welcome they made us feel as a customer. This goes a long way for many people as there is nothing worse than getting pushed aside once you spend your money with a company.

Another tip is if you’re looking to get hosting yourself, use the code 25OFF for a discount on your first server and visit

Thanks for reading.

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