6 Mobile Learning Apps to Broaden Your Horizons

6 Mobile Learning Apps to Broaden Your Horizons

When mobile phones hit the market, no one thought they would be the force they are currently. The introduction of iPhones,iPads, and Android gadgets changed things forever. Nowadays, people can perform countless tasks using their smartphones, including taking photos and videos, sending and receiving cash, and attending important online meetings. Apart from that, you can use your phone to learn a new language using dedicated mobile apps. For instance, there are several best apps for learning Spanish to help Spanish language students.

So, what apps can you use to widen and broaden your horizons? Read on to discover more:

1. Countries of the World

Countries of the World

If you are interested in learning about other countries, this is your ideal app. Select your continent of interest, and the app will display all the essential facts about the countries in it. After going through the facts, you can use the app’s “Quiz” mode to test your knowledge.

The app also offers a friendly-looking map to help you learn more about countries by tapping on them on the map. With this app, geography will no longer be a challenge for you.

2. Preply

The world population has become increasingly diverse. Therefore, people that can speak more than one language are better placed to interact with more people. When learning a new language, you also get the chance to learn the target language’s culture.

If you are looking for an intuitive and fun app that allows you to learn different languages, then Preply is an excellent option. The app will enable you to learn languages such as Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Turkish.

Using the app will improve your pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary. In the end, the learning experience becomes more immersive, and users can track their progress.

3. HowStuffWorks


You can install this app on any Android device, and you’ll be ready to learn how stuff works. As its name implies, you can learn exciting facts about almost anything in the world. If you have just bought a new computer, new printer, the wireless network device and don’t know how to operate it, this app will show you.

Apart from that, the app also offers users a massive collection of attention-grabbing articles, podcasts, videos, facts, quizzes, and quotes. Going through this rich library of information will go a long way in widening and broadening your horizons.

4. Curiosity


Are you curious about learning something new? The curiosity app is for individuals who are curious about a wide range of topics. The app satisfies your hunger for knowledge by offering topics customized to provide ideas that provoke you to think out of the box.

The app contains over 5000 articles and a million videos which ensure users can find their topic of interest. Besides that, the app also offers infographics and quick reads. So, if you want to discover more about different issues, this app would be an excellent asset for you.

5. Lumosity 

Your brain is an essential component in your journey to expand your horizons. You need functioning at its best if you are to take in new information. In this regard, the Lumosity app is a must-have. This exciting app uses many brain training puzzles to help make your brain sharper.

The app comes with over 60 cognitive games developed by scientists and game developers. Moreover, the games are specially designed to boost your mental capabilities with PlayStation tricks.

Users can also compare their ability with other users in the same age bracket by taking a free 10-minute Fit Test. When you use the app, it will improve your problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and memory.

 6. Blinkist

Reading is one of the most preferred means of broadening horizons for many people. People read various books that enable them to gain insight into different subject areas. If reading is your thing, you should download and install the Blinkist app.

The app contains a collection of over 2500 bestselling nonfiction books in condensed formats. The app targets users who cannot read the full versions of the books because of different reasons. For instance, if your work is a demanding career, you might not have all the time to read full versions of these books.

Besides that, the app also supports audio versions of books meaning users can listen to shorter versions of their favorite books in less than 15 minutes.

Final Thoughts

The world has become a global village thanks to the internet and mobile technologies. These two innovations have made it easy for people from different parts of the world to interact. Therefore, if you do not want to feel out of place in this global village, it would help to expand and broaden your horizons.

For example, learn about other people’s cultures to make it easy for you to interact with them. Apart from that, save on the costs you pay to experts by learning how to do certain things yourself.

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