HP Printer Drivers for Windows 7: Here’s What you Need to Know

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How do I download HP printer drivers on Windows 7?

If you’re a Windows 7 user, then you must be aware that Microsoft has already made the operating system obsolete. The team decides to do so as the operating system no longer serves most of the purpose while new and better versions are on the uprise.

That being said, Windows 7 no longer has any security patches or updates from the team ever since the 14th of January. However, this does not imply that you won’t be able to use it. Besides, if you want to put the system into use, for printing purposes, getting HP printer drivers for Windows 7 would be a viable option. Read more to find out how HP Printer Drivers and Printer Repair Dubai can prove to be helpful in this regard.

Importance of HP Printer Drivers

If you want to set up a printer for Windows 7 OS, then you must know what printer drivers are and how they play an important role. A printer driver is an application or rather a software that serves the purpose of communication.

When you are setting up a printer, it needs to communicate with the peripherals of the operating system. A Printer driver fulfils that requirement and provides instructions to the PC for printing.

That being said, the drivers of printers depending on the OS and the printer version varies but the motive still remains the same. A trustworthy Printer Repair Dubai can help you understand the specifications.

HP Printer Drivers Installation ( Windows 7)

Windows 7 has an extensive library among which many in-built drivers for printers are stored. These printer drivers fulfil the basic functions of the printing procedure. Here’s how you can use it:

1. Make Changes in Windows Update

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The first thing you need to do is go to the Windows taskbar bar and search for “Change Device Installation Settings”. Hit the Enter button when the result appears. Now, in the following window, click on the “Yes” button, and then hit the option called “Save Changes”. What you’ve done is allowed the manufacturer’s application to download its packages automatically.

2. Make Connection

hp printer drivers for windows

The next thing to do is to set up the printer and connect it to the operating system. Keep the printer close to the system if you are using a USB to connect. If you have a wireless printer then use your wireless network to connect. Or, you can also use a wired network to connect the PVC with the printer.

3. Install the Printer Driver

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If you are using a wired network, then simply go to the Windows Search Bar and search for “Control Panel”. Hit Enter to go there. Now, go to the option called “Devices & Printers”.  Then, click on the option called “Add a Printer”. In the following box, choose the option called “Add a new network…’’ and click on the button called “Next”.

Then, click on the option called “Select a printer” and choose the printer. After that click on Next and continue to follow the guideline for installation.

If you’re using a USB connection mode, then go “Control Panel” and visit ‘Devices  Printers”. Then, from the “Add a Printer” option, select “Add a local printer” option in the following box.

Now, choose the option called “Use an existing port’. Hit the “Next” button and then select “Windows Update”. Choose “HP” in the following tab of the manufacturer and then select the printer from the list. Continue to finish the installation with the instructions and the disconnect USB cable once that is done.

4. Check Usability

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Once you’ve successfully installed the HP printer drivers, now all you need to do is check if it works properly or not. Print a document and check if the printer is printing or not. If it works, then the process is successful. Otherwise, you need professional assistance. It might be that your HP printer has become non-functional. Then, reliable Printer Repair Dubai can be your ultimate solution.

Advantages of Getting Printer Service Occasionally!

Printer drivers play an effective role in making sure the printer is communicating with the PC. But, more importantly, getting Printer Repair Dubai once in a while provides a lot of benefits. If you use the HP printer quite often, then it is needless to say that your printer needs attention and care to run smoothly. Here’s what’s in your favour.

Less Toner Emission

If you use the printer often, then you may have come across a site where a black line lays along the margin of the paper. This happens when the toner inside the printer starts to build as you keep using every day. Printer service maintenance through Printer Repair Dubai would ensure that this problem goes away and the print start to print properly

Longer Life & Good Performance

Getting Printer Repair Dubai also means that the printer is running smoothly without any underlying issues. Now, this also implies that the printer will be able to sustain and perform for a longer period of time. You won’t have to replace it with a brand new one if it is maintained properly.


Getting printer service means that your printer remains in a functional form. There are many things inside the printer that can cost you a fair amount of money if they’re damaged. Before it gets to that, servicing it can prevent the damage as well as save you from spending money. Printer Repair Dubai can guide on how to keep a printer well-maintained.

Benefits of Keeping HP Printer Driver for Windows 7 Up-to-Date!

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HP Printer Drivers for Windows 7 needs to be updated whenever the update arrives. With each update, comes many bug fixes, patches, and new features that are beneficial for both the PC and the printer. Additionally, it helps to improve the speed of printer operating, reducing the crash rate, and reducing issues in the system.

Another reason why you should update your HP printer Driver is to be secure. Drives that are not up-to-date become vulnerable to many hackers and intruders. They become an easy target to be exploited as they use software codes to make the intrusion.

You may put personal data belonging in the system at risk. And, this could happen to you without your notice. But, updating the driver eliminates the possibility. Whenever an update arrives, your system sends you a notification for it. You can always update it or choose to do it manually. Furthermore, if the printer still remains non-functional then Printer Repair Dubai can guide you.

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