How to clean your house perfectly after pest control

Pesticides are the most poisonous one for the humans and pets in your home.

But somehow everyone came to that hard situation to use that harmful chemical pesticide to get rid of pests in home and living areas.

The usage of such pesticides causes various diseases like skin allergy, throat irritation, itchy skin, breathing troubles, and even cancer. So immediate, quick cleaning is mandatory for the home which is treated by the pesticides.

Things to do after the pest control

  • Make a cleaning flow chart to handle the cleaning process once the pest control is done.
  • Throw away any food-leftovers outside or in the kitchen area or in your dining room. Even if it is tightly concealed or not. just throw it way.
  • Wear protection wears while cleaning like gloves, and masks while cleaning.
  • Focus on the special areas of your house first.
  • Wipe off the entire house region and then spray some perfumes to get rid of smells
  • Clean all the upholstery, by using the slight steam flow to get rid of chemical debris on them
  • Steam cleaning for your carpets, steam cleaning is best to eliminate the presence of chemical residues on your carpet
  • Mop the entire house by using the good floor cleanser to eliminate the chemical smells
  • Wash all your clothes, and curtains to remove the harmful chemical residues
  • While cleaning if you got any infection because of those chemicals, then it will be another big deal, so the best option is to hire house cleaning professionals, they will take care of your entire house and bring back the refreshing look.

Are you taking too many risks to clean the home to eliminate the pesticide smells? it’s better to treat those insects with the natural way instead of any harmful chemicals.

clean your house perfectly after pest control

Keep Eggshells around kitchen cabinet

Common pests behind the kitchen cabinets and bathroom areas create more stress for you and your family. Pests don’t exist in your home if you kept broken eggshells around your living place.

 Place some Garlic in your entrance

Drooping cloves of garlic around the entrances and window of your cabin will stave off the pests and this blocks them from reaching your living area.

Hot water

An easy way to eliminate pests is to pour the hot water forcibly on them and their nests. They can’t able to bear the hot temperature, so no need to use any chemical pesticides.

 Use Naphthalene balls

Place naphthalene balls in the living area keep away the pest from your place. The bizarre smell from the naphthalene ball will divert the pests away from your place. Placing naphthalene balls also eliminate the pesticide smells.

Keep coffee powder

Place a cup of coffee powder in your home to get rid of the pest. The mixture of coffee powder and basin flour eliminates pests as well as pesticide smell.

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