5 Careers with Great Employee Benefits & Perks

Careers with Great Employee Benefits

There are so many different types of careers and jobs that are available, and people find their careers with great employee incentives and benefits in a variety of different ways until they identify the career skills that suit them.

Some individuals decide to attend college and even graduate school to enter their career field of choice, whereas others find a job right after high school graduation, for example.

When finding a career, however, one of the most important factors is the employee benefit services that are offered from it. You can find five careers in the list below that offer some of the best benefits available to you, each in a vastly different industry.

1. Military

MilitaryYou may not think about getting into a career in the military at first glance, but there are so many benefits to this career that protects the country on every front. You earn decent wages to start, and the retirement and healthcare benefits that you receive are government-based, so they are the best that you can get. You also receive college for free or for at least a very low cost in most cases when you determine that you want to be in the military. You may even find housing benefits such as reduced mortgages and cheaper condos like those found on the VA-approved condo list.

2. Flight Attendant

Flight AttendantA flight attendant is a great job if you can stand dealing with the passengers and the turbulence of the plane rides. You earn a middle-class salary that comes with great retirement benefits and health insurance, and there may even be assistance for your tuition rates. The best benefit for this career, however, is the amount that you are able to travel, whether internationally or domestically. Some flight attendants are even able to travel with their company for free when they are not working, and your loved ones can receive a ticket at a discounted price.

3. Journalist

Journalist - Careers with Great Employee BenefitsThe journalism industry is one that will always be required no matter where you live in the world. Even though there is less of a reliance on newspapers, there is still a large reliance on digital articles as people look for ways to get their news. As a journalist, however, you get a firsthand, behind-the-scenes look at some of the top events in the world for free, and you get to meet some of the top celebrities. You also get to pursue your passions about the things that you love full-heartedly as you write about those things.

4. Personal Assistant

Personal AssistantIt takes a lot of work to be a personal assistant, and you may be answering calls at all hours of the day and night. If you are a personal assistant to a highly ranked person, however, you may get some impressive benefits. You can network and communicate with some of the top executives in the world depending on who your boss is, and you may be able to go on vacation with them for free. Many bosses even offer health services to you and pay for any expense when you do have to travel with them.

5. Radio DJ

Mixed race disc jockey using control panel in studioStarting out as a radio DJ is how Ryan Seacrest, for instance, was able to rise to immense success. If you love music and have a great conversational tone, you may be great at this career that has ample benefits. Radio DJ jobs typically come with a good amount of flexibility in working hours as you can either work early mornings or late nights and have the rest of the day off. You also can receive free tickets to concerts and may have the chance to meet some of the top musicians that exist.

Final Thoughts

No matter how you start working in your career of choice, look into one that has good benefits. These benefits can range from receiving some of the best opportunities in the world for free to travel wherever you want to go for free. You can also receive free or reduced tuition from many of these career opportunities so that you can further advance in your career of choice. Finally, some careers such as those in the military come with a premium, government healthcare and loans, and rental agreements at a significantly discounted price. Several remote working jobs now also offer additional employee benefits such as reduced commuting and more flexible work-from-home arrangements so make sure you do your research first.

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Written by Manuela Willbold

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