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What Is A Digital Magician?

What is a Digital Magician

One who is a master of illusions and tricks with sleight of hand is a magician. Not to be confused with a mentalist. They are different. However, these are skills that can be possessed by a single person. The illusion or tricks are so surreal that it makes us believe as if something supernatural has happened.

What Is A Digital Magician?

Digital Magician

A digital magician is a relatively newer term, and that’s because they perform their magic on Ipads, tablets, mobile phone systems, projectors, etc. Anything that he makes use of is related to the new age technology can improve the outcomes. It is very interesting to watch how a digital magician performs magic on a device that all of us use but never thought of as having some kind of magic. Although even this is a trick that these magicians learn to do to impress and awe people. It is a magician working in the digital age.

Digital magicians are in demand these days due to the rapid advancement in technology. In all kinds of corporate events, you will see a digital magician getting hired. They perform on stage, similar to how other magicians perform their tricks. They invite a volunteer on stage and ask them for their phone. They then unlock the phone without much effort by predicting the lock pattern or number at one go. In one try he can now use your phone to make a call or do anything he likes. However, they follow ethics and protocol, so nothing could go wrong.

Illusion or Trick

With new devices being launched almost every month, these magicians can come up with magic on any of your technological devices. The dependence on technology is so heavy and their knowledge is impressive. I could only imagine how much they practice and research to create the illusion or trick their audience. However, the long practice hours are definitely worth it considering the response that he/she gets from the audience.

Final Thoughts

With all kinds of different magicians and mentalists in the world, digital magicians are my personal favorite. They use something so unique and are creative with designing their performances. With most people not being tech-savvy, it definitely comes as an advantage to the magician, however that is not always the case. Some tech-savvy people are very keen on understanding where they got delighted but unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that. The magic leaves everybody guessing.

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