Period Pain? Here are 5 Cramp-Curing Home Remedies for That Time of the Month

5 Cramp-Curing Home Remedies
5 Cramp-Curing Home Remedies

Menstruation symptoms usually vary person by person, but one thing period-havers can always count on is painful cramping. However, not all cramps are created equal. Unfortunately, some folks who experience severe pain during their period may be dealing with chronic, serious medical issues, like endometriosis or uterine fibroids.

Menstrual discomfort can infringe on your quality of life if it becomes too overwhelming. Chronic conditions can impact your mental and emotional health, your job performance and complicate doctor-patient relationships. How do you know if your monthly cycle is regular or in need of medical assistance? By tracking symptoms and talking with your physician about regularity, you can pin-down dangerous outlying signs that could point to more serious health concerns.

Though cramping is an expected symptom of monthly periods, vicious, persistent pain could be a sign of something bigger. If your periods prevent you from going about everyday life, require you to call in sick to work frequently, or get significantly worse over the years, it may be time to switch your plan of action.

While doctor diagnosis and prescribed medications can be beneficial, many have begun a less expensive, intrusive home remedy route for pain relief. Delve into the cramp-curing benefits of at-home remedies and relieve your pain quickly and naturally.

Track your period pain

One of the best ways to manage period pain is by tracking and recording your symptoms each month. By staying on top of your menstrual cycle phases, you’ll be aware of any changes or inconsistencies throughout the month. Should you need to talk to your doctor, you’ll have months of evidence logged on an app of your choice, ready to provide proof of what you experience while on your period.  Period tracking is also helpful for preteens just starting their period, as it can help with understanding all the symptoms and familiarizing themselves with their cycle.

Yoga for periods pain

At-home yoga practice

Exercising is often the last method period-havers want to try to alleviate pain. However, you don’t have to engage in a rigid fitness regime involving heavy lifting or long-distance runs to feel better. Many folks find yoga provides the perfect combination of muscle stretching and meditation, ideal for people who need something gentler for more painful days. Plus, online instructional meditation videos on blogs and social media are common, so no need to leave your home and pay for an in-person yoga class.

Heat, heat, heat

For many folks, and effective method for managing menstrual cramps heat pressure. Whether you spend time soaking in a hot bath or lying on top of a heating pad, heat therapy can alleviate muscle tension and improve blood flow. Though there isn’t much conclusive evidence as to why this works, applying heat to your abdomen is a highly successful period pain remedy.

Period Pain

Drink more fluids

Drinking plenty of water can help reduce bloating, which exacerbates cramps during your time of the month. If you’re sick of plain old H2O, try a warm cup of tea to soothe your pain and ease your mind. Not only will it add to your water intake, but tea provides a warming and soothing effect. Many different kinds of tea are known to possess anti-inflammatory properties and alleviate period cramps, such as chamomile, peppermint, fennel, or ginger tea.

Home Remedies for periods pain


One of the best ways to relieve muscle soreness is a gentle, relaxing massage. If you live alone or can’t afford a therapeutic session, a self-massage focusing on your abdomen area will also provide relief. Additionally, you can take your cramp-relief rubdown to the next level by incorporating essential oils on or near the sore areas of your abdomen.

The bottom line

Menstrual cramps are inconvenient and painful at the very least. At its peak, abdomen pain can result in multiple days of debilitating pain and discomfort. Remedy pesky period pain by implementing a solid self-care routine and relying on at-home remedies to alleviate your time of the month.

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