Seven Top Tips to Move Your Fitness Business Online

Move Your Fitness Business Online

Like most sectors, the fitness industry has felt the effects of Covid-19 as gyms and activity centers have closed. Professionals have had to get creative and find new ways to generate income. Below are some top tips for those looking to take their fitness skills online.

  • Set up an online fitness business with video workouts  

To get started, Wix Fitness has been designed for professionals to build an online brand. The product allows you to use video to keep clients fit and active whilst in lockdown. They will have no excuse to miss a session. You can also sell merchandise, manage your calendar, track client performances, and manage any team members. It’s important that your website is simple to navigate, visually appealing, and includes all essential information such as contact details and your background. 

 Online Fitness Program

  • Build a digital presence

Once you’ve created your website, you need to drive awareness to your site. The secret to increasing traffic is to make sure that search engines such as Google can find your website and place it high in search results with SEO. An easy way of increasing your ranking is to publish your site on local online directories and incorporate relevant keywords into the copy on your site pages. Another way is by regularly uploading blogs and by participating and providing your insights into Q&A platforms such as Yahoo Answers and Reddit. 

  • Become a social influencer  

Social media is a key tool for any business at every stage of your growth. Be sure to create a business profile on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Linkedin to reach different audiences and regularly upload content to help gain followers. Be sure to add your location to your posts and use relevant hashtags so that you are seen by the right audiences. 

Fitness Business online


  • Use paid social 

When promoting your business on social media consider utilizing paid social as a way to reach more potential customers and raise awareness for your company. By using in-platform ad management tools such as Facebook Ads Manager for Facebook and Instagram accounts, Twitter ads, and LinkedIn Business, your content can reach a wider range of potential customers that would normally be missed by organic posting. 

 Move Your Fitness Business Online


  • Create Livestream workouts 

In recent times, people have been turning to live video workouts to keep healthy and stay connected with the community. Live streaming from your social channels is a great way to reach more customers. YouTube enables users to monetize their live streams by allowing users to add pre-roll, mid-roll, display, and overlay ads to their content. Also consider uploading pre-filmed fitness videos to your website to be rented, sold individually, or as part of a subscription package. This will give you a range of options to distribute content and make money.

  • Connect with your audiences

Knowing your audience is key to a successful business. There are lots of ways to get to know your audience by using digital tools such as emailing out frequent customer satisfaction surveys. This can enable you to collect audience feedback by asking key questions and capturing the feedback. Also, ask your social followers directly what they want next. Be sure to actively reply to comments and direct messages to maintain active communication with current and potential customers. 

  • The power of testimonials 

Consider publishing customer testimonials on your website. If your business is new, focus on getting quality testimonials. This can help build your credibility in the market and encourage other potential customers to use your services. Ensure that the testimonials are similar to the demographics of the personas you’re trying to attract. 

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