How To Publish Google My Business For SEO Boost?

Google My Business

What is Google my business?

Google my business is one of the digital marketing source. Everyone can create an account with Google my business tool in online. When the user is searching for “restaurant near me” the Google my business will show the restaurant address by showing Google map on Google search engine, which will help the user to find the restaurant near them.

google my business benefits

There are different types of search results. If the user searching for any information the Google will show you many options like All, Images, Videos, news, maps and more. If the user searching by using particular keyword, the Google will show the map on the top page. If the user searching for “restaurant” the Google will display the address on the top page. It shows only three address maps on the top because the Google will always take the first three ranking page. If you need to see more business maps on the Google you can see by clicking more option. If you need to show your business on the top page, the peoples need to visit many times for your place and need to get good star ratings and  good reviews and also have to give the profile and settings correctly. If it is done, the Google will rank your site.

The Process of Google is to connect the owners and the customers by viewing the business map in search engine.

How to setup Google my Business?

Sign up for your Gmail account:

In the very first you have to open an account in the Gmail. Which is used to open a Google my Business account. Company mail id is better than personal mail id. If you create a separate company Gmail account, it is easy to verify for Google search engine.

Enter your business information:

google my business basics

Afer sign in your account you have to give the company information in the Google my business account. The information like,

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Hours
  • Industry

Here, you can add images. For example if you are creating the Google account for any “restaurant” you can insert image for your popular food in your restaurant and insert image in the profile etc.,

Verify your Google my business account:

You can verify your account by using Gmail, Phone number, or Google search console. You can also receive your verification code via post cards. Once you received the OTP form the Google you can enter the code in verification code details. It will take 14 days to receive your verification code for Google Gmail account.

Make routine updates:

google my business page

If you are running daily, you can update your information day by day. It helps to the users to find your maps. If you add your updates regularly, the reviews will increase and the visitors will also increase. So that you can get good rating form the customers. When the more visitors visit your site the Google will rank your site and increase the organic traffic. Not only reviews and profile, you can add locations, hours and you can update your account, or specialist’s immediately.

Who can create Google my business account?

Any company can use Google my business account. Which will help the users to find the location of your company. Google my business map will make the owner and customer interaction.

  • Plumber
  • Restaurant
  • Manufacturing facility
  • Car dealership
  • Ecommerce store
  • Retail store
  • Utility provider
  • And more

If your company don’t have physical address you can create the Google my business account. Because the user will search for any product the search results may show your products also. So Google my business is help full for all the companies.

Where Do Google my Business Listing area?

The Google my Business listing in

  • Google search
  • Google maps

These listing will provide your location to the viewers in search results in Google my business. It will improve your business fast whenever you are updating the hours, location and events.

Publish Google My Business:

google my business login

In Google you can see lots of business maps. For publish your business, you have to sign in to the Google my business account and enter your business account. You can enter 100 words per post or use up to maximum of  300 words per post. Google my business post are based on wording not characters.

  • Select the post option.
  • Select the create new post option.
  • Select the image and set as the profile for post.
  • Add your business link on learn more option.
  • Select preview and publish your post.
  • Go to Google and search your business, there you can see your post of your business.

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