5 Affiliate Marketing Programs for Website Agencies

Affiliate Marketing Programs for Website Agencies

Word of mouth is not often considered a form of marketing that money can buy, but that is a great way to describe affiliate programs. Many businesses, including plenty of website agencies, will pay top dollar to anyone who directs customers to their services. If you have a knack for persuasion, here are five programs from website agencies that will reward you handsomely.


Affiliate Marketing Programs

3dcart is a software company behind a highly sophisticated eCommerce platform, which over 20,000 business owners use to run their own online stores. Like their clients, the company is always ready to serve more customers. If you know someone interested in striking out on their own, 3dcart offers an extremely generous 300% commission for sending the would-be entrepreneur their way. The cookie also lasts a whopping 120 days, and additional bonuses and incentives can increase the pay-off.

Another great thing about the 3dcart Affiliate Program is the company’s many selling points. The platform itself offers a ton of features that make building and operating an online business much easier and more profitable. Plus, their website includes hundreds of pages, blog posts, and other content that are perfect for sharing.

Constant Contact

Many companies depend in part on affiliate marketing, including companies that are already dedicated to other forms of marketing. One example is Constant Contact, known for providing software that helps people promote their websites. To boost the number of clients using that suite, the company enlists outside help with its Email Marketing Affiliate Program and also offers affiliate marketing for Beginners to make more money online.  

Affiliate Marketing Programs for Website Agencies.

Constant Contact assists its affiliates with their promotion by letting them choose from a catalog of pre-made ads for display. Another perk from the program is that affiliates can make money even if the people they refer only sign up for a free trial. Granted, that amount is only $5. As a result, they are still encouraged to push customers into making an account, which would net them a flat $105.   


Affiliate Marketing Programs for Website Agencies

When people want to run a professional website, they register for a domain name. When people want to register for a domain name, many go to GoDaddy. The agency may enjoy its popularity, garnered over years through extensive (and, at times, infamous) advertising. However, it wants to translate that popularity into sales, which is why they also run an affiliate program.

GoDaddy’s program is not exactly among the highest-paying. They only offer their partners 10% for successful referrals. GoDaddy’s enviable brand recognition, especially compared to other domain registrars, does provide an advantage. Many people have already heard of them through their aggressive ad campaigns, and one more recommendation might be enough to push them towards a purchase.


Affiliate Marketing Programs for Website Stock photos are essential to the visual presentation of many websites. Few people have access to high-quality photography equipment, or to the actors, props, and sets that their images require. Websites like iStock provide thousands of images for a variety of subjects, themes, and keywords. Getty Images, its parent company, offers an affiliate program to bolster the subsidiary’s reputation.

The details seem to go against iStock — cookies last only 30 days, and the commission gives only 10%. However, that commission rate is only for “existing users.” If someone creates a brand-new account because of an affiliate’s referral, then the commission rate doubles. These advantages help cancel out some of the drawbacks.


Affiliate Marketing Programs for Website

Perhaps now more than ever, many businesses rely on freelancers for everything from copywriting to graphic design. Finding a freelancer willing to produce high-quality work at competitive prices can be difficult, and Fiverr makes that search easier. Affiliates who sign with their program can share Fiverr’s advantages with anyone they know who might need an extra hand for their business

Fiverr offers different services in different categories, each with its own cost for customers and its own payment for affiliates. The system is a bit complex, leaving room for disappointment, but savvy promoters can find more than a few ways to profit.

Affiliate marketing is not always easy, and success is hardly guaranteed. For that reason, anyone interested in this path should strive to find the programs that will give them the best treatment. High commission rates, long-lasting cookies, and extra opportunities for revenue should be factors in the search. Perhaps most importantly, the program should make affiliates feel like real partners instead of convenient lackeys.

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