Amazon’s A9 algorithm and Its Impact on Product Ranking

Amazon's A9 algorithm and Its Impact on Product Ranking

An established seller or a novice in the e-commerce business, it is very important for you to comprehend Amazon’s A9 Algorithm to rank high on Amazon searches. This would be the primary step to drive traffic to your listings and increase your sales. You need to apply strategies and techniques optimized for the algorithm in order to give an exponential rise to your business.  However, to begin with, you need to have a clear understanding of Amazon’s A9 algorithm to acknowledge its application on product rankings. 

What is the Amazon A9 algorithm?

The A9 algorithm is the system used by Amazon that decides how the products will be ranked in the search engines. It is similar to the process Google uses to rank the search results. Both consider keywords important in deciding which product will be displayed first. 

However, there lies a big difference between Google’s and Amazon’s algorithms. In the case of Amazon, the A9 Algorithm lays stress on sales conversions. It is mainly because Amazon is a business. Its main interest is on creating listings that will most likely result in a sale. Therefore, Amazon mainly ranks listings based on a high conversion rate and strong sales history. 

Amazon's A9 algorithm

Amazon’s application of the A9 algorithm has a cumulative effect. When the products are highly ranked, it will receive more traffic and therefore, chances are it will achieve high sales which in turn will help boost their ranking. 

How Amazon’s A9 algorithm affects product ranking?

Keywords are important

Amazon lays importance on placing relevant keywords in order to determine the relevance of search queries and to rank the listings on its result pages. Therefore, if you are someone who wants to sell products through Amazon, you need to incorporate high volume and relevant keywords in your listings.  

The main goal of Amazon is to show results to the customers that will increase its profit margin. So, it is your job to ensure that you have searched well and used keywords that will help increase your rankings and drive traffic on your listing. You can also take the help of a digital marketing agency to help find you the most searched keywords and to increase your listing’s rank. 

Sales conversions play a major role

Amazon’s A9 algorithm emphasizes the sales conversion rate to rank the listings. In order to have higher ranks in the search results, one needs to achieve a strong sales conversion rate, which will ultimately be an important step to make your business strategy a successful one. By implementing this strategy to determine the rankings, it helps make amazon more money. Amazon's A9 algorithm and its impact

There are some ways in which a seller can optimize his listings to convert visitors into buyers. Firstly, ensure that the text in the product listing clearly communicates with the customers and states the functions, features and its USP. Try to use persuasive language and implement marketing strategies that will convince them to buy your product. Also, make sure to add taglines to the images that explain product benefits. 

Pricing of products matter to A9 algorithm

When it comes to business, Amazon knows how to ace it by winning the customer’s trust. It is a given fact that people are always in search of the best deals in order to make a purchase. Therefore, the algorithm can help you achieve higher ranks if you price your products correctly. 

A seller can set the price of his products by checking out his competitor’s listings for the same product’s keywords. You can see how they price their products set a price accordingly. To be in the competition, you must ensure that you choose a price point similar to your competitor’s or you can drop your prices slightly to attract people towards your product. 

Rankings vary with stock supply

Amazon sets ranking based on the availability of stocks of a specific product. It is because if a customer searches for a product and finds that they have to wait for the next ten days to get the product, it creates a negative effect. Not having enough products in stock will also drive the customers to a similar product in stock. Moreover, this will also hurt your rank because Amazon will not display your products at the top on the results page if the customers cannot initiate a sale. 

Amazon’s A9 algorithm focuses on customer purchase intent. This is where it is different from other traditional search engines. A9 algorithm mainly looks at the product titles and product descriptions to determine the relevance based on keywords, the price set for the products, availability, and sales velocity in order to increase the revenue of Amazon. When all these factors fall into place, it automatically increases your chances to achieve higher ranks, which eventually helps in becoming one of the top listings on the result pages. 

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