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The advent of the on-demand economy has revolutionized commercial behaviour throughout the world. It has created marketplaces that fulfill the demands of the customers with an immediate supply of goods and services.

On one hand, it has made life simple and convenient for the consumers but on the other hand, it has given rise to cut-throat competition among various delivery businesses and enterprises. It’s because, in this age of instant gratification, all the businesses want to deliver their products and services as quick as possible. This need has given rise to many new technological inventions and has also made businesses to leave their age-old traditional ways.

delivery management software

The last mile route optimization software is one of those major technological inventions that have completely transformed the delivery business.  Its advanced features can help the business owners to streamline logistics, enhance customer satisfaction, and skyrocket profitability. No matter what delivery business are you in, whether you deliver water, couriers, packages, medicines, food, etc, today’s modern and versatile last-mile delivery solutions can transform all the delivery businesses.

In this article, we will explore how last mile route optimization system can optimize your delivery business. So, without further ado, let’s see what exactly does a route management software do.

What does route management software do?

Route management software performs a cluster of tasks which include:

  • Real-time monitoring and analyzing of the route’s historical data and to identify the hurdles which ultimately enhance the route efficiency.
  • To leverage real-time traffic patterns along with road-construction updates which help in coming up with more efficient routes in advance along with helping drivers on the field to switch to a more effective route.
  • Assisting dispatchers to quickly identify the most direct and fastest route to job sites along with delivering those routes directly to the drivers.

The best route planning solutions are known for solving 

Benefits of using route management software

Delivery management

The ‘travelling salesman problem’ with the help of advanced algorithms. These algorithms take several things into account like the weather conditions, historical traffic volumes, and many more to come up with the best and cost-effective route options for the drivers. Not only this, but they also provide step-by-step directions for drivers via mobile applications.

Best and cost-effective route choices

Moreover, the route planning solution also updates the route dynamically when the changed conditions render the pre-determined route as not the most efficient choice. Such updates help the drivers to avoid traffic accidents, congestion, and other potential delays.

Improved safety

The route optimization for last mile operations can play a significant role in reducing the total time spent by the drivers on the road. Less time spent means more safety. Drivers while driving has to face a lot of challenges like tricky U-turns and other complicated routes. Each turn comes with new challenges and the number of turns means higher chances of accident and delay.

route management software

To combat this issue, route planning software comes with a feature that prevents all kinds of turns whether they are right turn, left turn, or U-turns. Whenever the driver chooses a destination, the software automatically plans a route in such a way that it has minimal or no turns at all.

Another major issue that drivers face while driving is of adverse weather conditions. A study shows that around 21% of the vehicles crashed due to bad weather. To address this challenge, the route planning system factors in the weather forecast of the region under which the selected route falls under.

Enhanced Customer experience

With robust route optimization for delivery tracking, the delivery business owners can ensure that their drivers reach at the right time and at the right place. In today’s day and age of instant gratification, customers don’t want any delay in their deliveries. With GPS tracking, the owners can efficiently deal with the case of vehicle break down. The software helps to identify which drivers are nearby so that you can assign the task to the new drivers and make the deliveries on time.

delivery software management

This allows the delivery companies to tighten the service windows given to the customers along with increasing the on-time arrival rates. With this, company owners can increase their brand value and enhance the customer experience.

Increased number of jobs per day

Assigning more number of jobs to drivers can significantly increase the profits. However, this comes with a risk of unhappy and exhausted drivers along with the increased risk of accidents. These problems can be easily mitigated by optimizing all your driver’s routes.

The last mile delivery solution ensures that all the routes of the fleet are efficient in terms of the time spent on the road and the distance travelled. This results in reduced service time which allows you to increase the total number of jobs assigned in a safe and sustainable manner.

The modern route optimization software comes with flexibility that can easily accommodate crew’s and drivers’ preferences for routes and shifts. The solution has the capability to search and optimize routes that can seamlessly fit with a driver’s life. Moreover, it can also factor in driver’s lunch and breaks thus ensuring that the driver has an appropriate time to eat and refresh.

These effective routes play a vital role in boosting the driver’s morale. Moreover, when drivers are less frustrated and more satisfied then they are more likely to stick to their business for a longer time thus contributing to your business’s success.

Reduce costs

As discussed earlier, the route planning and real-time delivery tracking software create routes in such a way that the overall time spent by the driver on the road is minimum. This also means that the driver has to drive fewer miles. Such a reduction in time and distance can yield significant cost reductions.

Cutting fuel costs: According to one study, optimized routes can save up to 30% of the fuel costs.

Reduce maintenance costs: The need for maintenance of fleet vehicles will reduce significantly if they have spent less time on the road. 

Reduce TCO (total cost of ownership): By drastically reducing the wear-tear, you can reduce the total cost of ownership.

Reduce accidents, violations, and other associated costs: Less time spent on the road also means less exposure to safety risks, accidents and traffic violation which impacts positively on a fleet’s insurance premiums along with cutting high liability costs.


In today’s time, no delivery business can grow and survive without having a robust logistic delivery app. If you own a delivery business too then don’t waste a minute before getting yourself an advanced route optimization software that will take your business to sky-highs.

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