How to start an import business in Australia?

how to start import business in australia

Are you a business person? Or You adore dealing with the Australian community? If yes, then import business can be the perfect choice for you. In the import business, you use your talents and skills to become a matchmaker for companies across Australia. You fix the product manufacturers in the markets who need their merchandise and services. Mainly, In the import business, you help the people seeking any commodity to find sellers. Importing goods and services is a vast field with an estimated net worth of $35.3 billion. This article will guide you in getting started with your own import business in Australia. Here we go!

Understanding the types of trading business

It is essential to comprehend the types of trading business to create a strong foothold import business. There are numerous varieties in the individual import business, but there are three main categories of business which are as follows –

  1. EMCs or Export management companies – They help in managing all the exports. It deals with all the chores of exporting the goods of a company overseas.
  2. ETCs or Export trading company – These companies search in the market for foreign buyers’ needs. After which they locate the needed goods or companies in their country that can export those merchandise.
  3. Free agents or Import/export merchants – These merchants first buy the commodities from inside the country or overseas. After which they sell those commodities in the entire world.

How to set up an import business in Australia?

It’s not that hard to start your own import business in Australia. First of all, You will need a phone with a strong internet connection. After this, you have to invest a small chunk of your money in the upfront costs. You may also invest in an online website, business cards, fax machines, branding, and marketing of your business. However, there are some essential skills needed to start an import business mentioned below –

  1. Profound knowledge of the companies and strong connections in the USA looking for selling their services or product in Australia or anywhere in the world.
  2. Deep knowledge and connections with companies or manufacturers within Australia looking to buy goods or services overseas.
  3. You will also need money for traveling. To travel to businesses, manufacturers, and so on.

starting a import business in australia

How to step into the import business?

Once you understand the basics of importing, know you have to deal with the techniques. That is to narrow down your marketplace. It will help if you focus on the market niche you could serve the best. Here are few points you must always keep in mind –

  1. Customers or buyers you want to work for in your business.
  2. Parts of the world you will address.
  3. Types of merchandise or services you will offer.

Do some hard work in searching for your marketing niche. It will help you in the long term to create a better workflow.

Know your customers

Who is your target audience/ customers? Someone or some business who wishes to trade internationally. Who wants to import services and goods from outside Australia. For this, you can opt for any customer base.  These can be metals, foods, spices, or anything that seems demanding to you. Target a need and then build your customer base.

Requirements to start a import business in Australia

The flow of steps you must follow to get started with your import business in Australia.

  1. Register your import business by filling out for US Department of State’s SNAP-R company registration. After you are done with this, the forum will send you your Company Identification Number (CIN).
  2. Import license. ReUS Customs and Border Protection (CBP) hardly need any permits for importing goods from outside of Australia. However, it would help if you had these for other government agencies and local authorities.
  3. You need to pick the business structure which suits you the best. Typically, there are four types of systems. You can choose any of them. Just google about it to gather more information.
  4. Know you need to charge your services. There are three models of charging your Commission structure, the retainer model and an alternative model. Make sure you have enough knowledge about every model before choosing one. You can also seek expert guidance in this area, as it plays a crucial role in your capital gaining.
  5. Learn to manage International billing and payments. Your importing business will require you to send and receive money from all across the world. That means you have to deal with numerous currencies from several countries. It would help if you kept the taxes and charges of converting /exchanging money to the least. You can make it possible by comparing the services proposed by various money transfer specialists.
  6. Now you have to ship your goods, and you must gather all the shipping details. For this, you have to Freight Forwarder; this company will help you in trading and importing your merchandise safely and effectively. They allow you with chores like discovering cargo space, finalizing shipping documents, etc. So find a Freight Forwarder for your imports.
  7. Lastly, you have to be aware of all the risks and how to handle them. There can be risks relating to Operating into problems at the border, not having adequate knowledge about the markets, and Unpredictable shipping logistics. These are the main areas of issues you can face while importing goods globally. To avoid these risks, you need to study, analyze, research markets, policies, services thoroughly. If required, also go for expert guidance, as someone experienced can help you avoid the majority of these problems.

how much does it cost to start a import business

Final words

Import business in Australia is for the folks who love building relationships internationally. Also, it needs elevated levels of knowledge, an organized mind, and well-planned strategies. After all, it’s a typical but fascinating business model.  It would help if you also had a higher understanding of handling logistics for excelling in the import business in Australia or anywhere. If you have all these qualities, go and set your import enterprise right away.

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Written by Dinesh Kumar VM

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