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7 Unconventional Dating Ideas to try this Summer

7 Unconventional Dating Ideas to try this Summer

Dating can be quite weird. Here are some dating ideas for summer.

You may find that your dating time is spent doing things you do not ordinarily do to capture the attention of someone. Then you have to coax them to join you in doing things you do ordinarily do like your favourite Sunday activities.

To skip this step and get right to the companionship part, consider the date ideas for summer below.

1. Go Shopping, Your Way

Go Shopping, Your WayCarefully consider your favorite kind of shopping. If you love to go to the hardware store for an idea walk while you plan your next project, take your date and plan to get a sandwich and a soda after.

If you’re a super thrifty person, consider heading out to your favorite second-hand store or hit some yard sales with your date. Bring coffee and some homemade muffins to treat them to breakfast. The key is to spend time together. If your date does not really get it, maybe they’re not the one. A fellow thrifty sort will love this kind of date and appreciate the lovingly made treats!

2. Go Camping

Go Camping - dating ideas for summerTo increase the time, you can spend together and break away from the formal stuffiness of dating, go camping. Hang out and enjoy time at Michigan state park campgrounds, for example. If your intended isn’t well-versed in camping yet, make sure you pack along the necessary essentials to keep everyone comfortable, including

  • sunscreen
  • bug spray
  • food and water
  • enough shelter to keep out bugs and sleep

You and your date may not be ready to sleep in the same place, so if they do not have a tent, make sure you have two sleeping bags available.

3. Volunteer Together

Volunteer TogetherIf you spend part of each week volunteering, invite your date to show them your true colours. You may be crazy about animals but not able to have a cat or a dog in your current home. If you love to go to your local Humane Society on the weekends to cuddle kitties or walk puppies, bring your friend, and walk two puppies to enjoy great company for a great cause.

4. Do Gardening

You may have a little plot of land and enjoy working in your garden. If your date wants to connect on the weekend, invite them over to do a little weeding or harvesting, then treat them to a bouquet of flowers or some fresh berries or greens. Make sure your guest is welcome to take a shower and clean up before you fix dinner.

5. Cook a favourite meal

Take your date to the grocery store and invest in some fun foods to prepare together. It can be really tempting to always go to your favourite vegan restaurant, but that can feel formal or stuffy. If you are both washing veggies, peeling potatoes, or cooking burgers, you can enjoy more time together without the discomfort of being surrounded by strangers.

6. Head out on a Picnic

Head out on a PicnicLoad up a basket with fresh sandwiches, some deli salad, chips, and beverages, and treat your date to a picnic. If you have a favourite spot at a local park, consider investing in a tablecloth or a sunshade to take with you so you can set up a comfy spot to hang out.

Again, dating is about finding someone to spend a lot of time with, perhaps on a daily basis. If you go to restaurants every day, go ahead, and take your date out to eat. However, if your budget does not allow for that, putting together a picnic to share with your date is a nice way to invest in the relationship without spending more than you can afford.

7. Catch the Sunrise

Catch the SunriseKnowing how your date handles early mornings can tell you a lot, so invite them on a sunrise adventure. If they enjoy cycling, invite them on a cycling date early in the day, and make sure you bring coffee and a bit of breakfast to treat them when you get to your destination and start the day together. If not, invite them out for a hike, and do not forget the mosquito spray or sun lotion.

The right person can change your life in many ways. When you meet someone, you’re interested in, make sure you invite them to the activities that you and them most enjoy and treat them to something you have made so they get a feel for your personality and qualities. However, if it is too much for you, resort to virtual speed dating as an alternative, which can be equally fun.

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Written by Manuela Willbold

Blogger and Educator by Passion | Contributor to many Business Blogs in the United Kingdom | Fascinated to Write Blogs in News & Education I have completed a journalism summer course at the London School of Journalism and manage various blogs.

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