Complete Guide to Virtual Speed Dating

complete guide to virtual speed dating

Dating can be dauting at first, especially if you are a career person who hardly gets time to go out and meet someone. At times, you may be lucky enough to meet someone who at the end would end up disappointing you or one who you won’t be compatible with. Virtual speed dating enables you to meet with many potential singles from the comfort of your home. This also helps you to avoid wasting time going out on a date with someone you won’t have even the slightest click with. Online virtual dating will literally bring dating to your doorstep.

Simple and Comprehensive Guide to Virtual Speed Dating

The following are simple and easy steps to do to ensure you get the most out of a virtual speed dating event;

Dress to Impress

dress well yourself to impress

Just like normal dating, in speed dating events are familiar now. You cannot be dressed in Pyjamas or have your hair unkempt. Put on your favourite shirt, trouser and shoes. Rock in a tie if the outfit allows you to. Do not forget to put your make up on. You need your date to be impressed by how you present yourself. Being unkempt will only push them away. Good dressing gives positive vibes and moods.

Set Up the Scene

When going out on a regular date, which destination do you choose? Obviously the one that looks good, right? Well, with virtual speed dating, it is no different. Ensure that you set your background nicely. Locate that best corner or side of your home that you feel is the most ideal.

Even if you are well dressed and have a heap of unfolded clothes on your background, you will totally turn off your potential date. You can have the wall with the painting as your background. A blank living room wall will also do. Ensure that your room has ample lighting so that your date can clearly see you.

Ensure you Get all the Necessary Tools

ensure to get all tools

Being a virtual event, you will need to have a computer, tablet or iPad. Ensure that the webcam and microphone are in good state and working. You will also need to download and set up Zoom. Ensure you familiarize yourself with it before the speed dating starts. Ensure that your Wi-Fi connection is strong to avoid buffering and to allow smooth running of events.

Taking Notes

make note of every important things

Bringing a pen and notebook with you shows how determined you are in learning about the other person. You can always refer to the notes to see whether you missed anything important. If there is a match between you two, the notes will be very helpful in starting conversations.

Questions you Need to Ask

ask all the questions you need

Going out on a date is simply a getaway to knowing more about your date. You have to thoroughly think and come up with the most ideal questions to ask your date. Ask them about their facts, whether they want to learn about something new, their favourite place and so on. Such questions will keep the conversation going, lighten up the mood as well as help them feel at ease.

In Summary

A virtual speed date is as good as a normal date. Follow the above steps to enable you get the most out the virtual speed date. Keenly follow the do’s and don’ts to ensure smooth running and success of the events.

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