Different types of live wedding bands and which one is right for you?

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How to Choose the Perfect Live Wedding Band

A day you have dreamt and planned in your head about since you were a small child, the exciting time to plan your wedding day is now upon you.

An exciting and often stressful time, for many deciding where to start can be a challenge and one that will include the involvement of many close friends and family.

From the date of the big day, the venue to the spectacular white lace wedding dress to turn heads, each part is important in creating a magical and whimsical day to remember for the rest of the happy couples’ days.

One part of the wedding planning process that can create confusion and that is the booking of the wedding band.

A hard task, there are many different options that need to be considered when choosing live wedding bands.

We aim to walk you through the different types of live wedding bands and help you to make the decision and choose the right band for your wedding day.

What are the different live wedding bands?

When you begin the initial wedding planning process, you can be accused from grouping all live wedding bands together in the same category. With many people choosing to look at either a live wedding band or a DJ as their entertainment of choice.

Here we help you dive into the depths of the music world to add some clarity of the different types of live wedding bands perfect for playing and entertaining guests on your wedding day.

An obvious choice, when choosing live wedding bands it is recommended to sit down with your significant other and discuss the genre of music that you and guests will appreciate the most. From Blues, Jazz, Classic to the more upbeat Motown, Hip Hop and Country, take the time to work out which music genre would best suit the big day. Let us look at the different genres most typically booked and help you to choose a live wedding band for your wedding.

Live Jazz Band

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A popular option for a live wedding band and that is the hiring of a Jazz band. Bringing an up tempo vibe, the addition of either a Jazz and Blues band would be best suited to playing at the after reception drinks or the cocktail hour following the wedding dinner. Adding some glamour and tempo tones to get people ready for dancing the night away.

Live Latin Band

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If you are planning a wedding where you plan to get all the guests up, dancing the night away, then the hiring of a Latin band would be a top choice. Suited to summer, outdoor weddings, nothing screens Latin than salsa dancing the night away under the stars to a steamy tune.

Instrumental Live Ensemble

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For those planning an elegant and splendid wedding party, then an instrumental ensemble would be a superb choice. Whether playing as the bride walks down the aisle or cheering guests on as they make their way to their tables, add the addition of a cello, flute and harp to your big day.

Live Swing Band

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Another popular live wedding band choice that is often grouped into the same category as a Jazz band and that is a Swing band. Adding a playful tone and some added glamour, get the guests up dancing after their 3-course meal, the perfect sundowner to end a magical day.

Live Steel Drum Band

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If you are planning for what is hoped to be an outdoor wedding on a hot summer’s day, then why not consider a Steel Drum band? Adding a touch of the Caribbean to your wedding day, a Steel Drum band along with being an unusual option is sure to be a memorable and an appreciated experience by all.

Live Pop Group

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If you are considering the outlandish idea of hiring both a live wedding band and a DJ, then perhaps a live Pop group would be a good option. Playing the latest hit chart toppers and able to get guests of ages up on the dance floor, a pop group could prove a reliable option.  Mixing a range of centuries together, this medley of popular tunes would be the perfect introduction before the DJ takes over to end the wedding celebrations in style.

Live Rock Band

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If you are a daring and bold couple who are aiming to express your own unique style, then a live rock band would be recommended. By choosing the more uplifting and popular of tones that the vast majority of guests will be aware of, you can plan a day centred around the happy couple.

Live R&B Band

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An area where you can get as experimental as you wish, if you are looking to get soulful and choose a live wedding band that will tick all the boxes and will be enjoyed by all, why not consider a live R&B Band. Able to cover a wide scope of classics, this live wedding band option could be ideal for some added cool on your wedding day.

Live Reggae Band

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If you are travelling overseas for your big day and are lusting for a beachside wedding, why not hire a live Reggae band? Encompassing guests in a cloak of calmness, your wedding can become a calm and relaxing, memorable experience for all, something all wedding couples hope to achieve.

Other top tips for booking your live wedding band?

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You have taken the time to choose which live wedding band genre of choice would be best suited to your big day and have searched the internet for the best bands in your area. Now the time has come to book the band. Also, you can have the different sets of table runners to decorate the dedicated stage for Band. As an event management company, you can buy burlap table runner bulk and have it for many occasions.

Along with checking that their fees meet your available budget, there are a few other essentials that should be discussed before the signing of the contract.

Check with the venue

Before the competition of the transaction, it is recommended that you check if there are any restrictions in place with the wedding venue. From a wattage limit, to a music curfew, all vital elements that should be discovered before the exciting task of live wedding band searching.

Does the band commute?

An important thing to consider and check, even more so if the wedding location is remote, and that is whether the band are willing and capable of getting to the venue. If your wedding venue is out of town, does it sit within their mileage that they are willing to travel to?

Do they require setting up in advance?

When hiring a live wedding band, you will be amazed at the amount of instruments and accessories that they require to perform on the big day. With all these vital parts needed to be transported onto the stage and set up, the addition of a sound test is also vital before they perform. Is the band able to set up earlier in the day? Or can they set up in private away from guests? Both vital questions that need to be answered before the signing of the contract.

Are tea and meal breaks required?

Required at intervals throughout the evening, the importance of a break is not simply to allow the band to rest, but instead to keep them hydrated and energised. If playing throughout the day, consider offering a meal break and supplying food to keep them going. These details should also be discussed and noted within the contract to ensure that they are completing their end of the bargain.


What may appear as a simple task, when it comes to choosing a live wedding band for your big day, it can in fact be daunting and never endless the more you dive into the task.

By taking the time early on to work out which genre of live wedding band you wish to perform for you and your guests, you can have a much easier task.

It is also recommended that you take the time to discuss with your wedding venue to discover if there are any restrictions in place that could affect your final decision.

Have you recently booked a live wedding band or perhaps you are in the process of hunting for a live wedding band? We would love to hear from you and discover if there are any challenges that you are experiencing. Comment below and share your experience today.

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