35 Best Ways to Earn Money Online In India

earn money online

There are many best ways to earn money online in India and working online is one sure way to generate tons of passive income. Many people have started to look upon the internet how they can get started online.

In 2020 more and more searches are happening on Google looking for the best strategies to make a living by working from home online.

According to Statista, the Indian digital population stood at 688 million as of January 2020.  Fuelled by massive, reliable, and affordable internet coverage, India has experienced significant growth in an online e-commerce business.

The following are the best ways to make money doing business online in India:

Best Ways to earn money online in India

  1. Blogging

BloggingIf you are willing to put effort, patience, and persistence over the years, blogging will most certainly turn you into an overnight millionaire. If done right, it will attract massive traffic and the right clients no matter the industry or niche you specialize in. You will earn money through ads, marketing, selling products and services, or through sponsored blogging.

You can learn how to start a Blog in India for free.

  1. Freelance writing

Freelance writing

Successful freelancers earn over $5 per word; if you are a gifted writer, you can monetize your skills through freelancing. Besides, it doesn’t need a lot of start-up capital. With good internet coverage, you can do a lot of writing in a day and earn big. There are several writing platforms such as up work, Fivver, Listverse for professional writers to showcase their skills and earn big money.

  1. Youtube channel

Youtube channel

Starting a YouTube channel is an ideal and easy way to make money in India. YouTube channels generate up to 12 million dollars in a single day. You should create an exciting channel that attracts a vast number of viewers. The content should generate a high number of views and engagements. Some of the popular niches to consider include vblogs, tutorials, comedy and tech videos.

  1. Facebook marketing

Facebook marketing

Facebook’s enjoys a massive number of users that offer a lucrative market for companies. Most companies and businesses are now using social media platforms to market their brands and products. You can use your Facebook page to content marketing companies’ products and services and earn a commission.

  1. Email marketing

Email marketing

Email marketing in India also offers an excellent opportunity for you to earn money online. Email marketing involves using a list of blog subscribers to promote a product or service by sending emails containing the products and services and their benefits to the subscribers. You will be paid a commission for every successful sale. If you have excellent persuasive skills and can design a good marketing message, this is your venture.

  1. Selling products on Etsy

Selling products on Etsy

You can sell products on the Etsy platform and earn a lot of money online. Etsy is an online platform where you will meet buyers interested in your products. Most of the products on Etsy are vintage items, arts, and crafts. It doesn’t have to be yours, and you can sell products of a company and earn a commission.

  1. Sell on jumia

Sell on jumiaJust like the Etsy platform, jumia is another popular platform that you can use to sell products and services in India. It is easy to create an online shop with jumia and start selling your products. Alternatively, you can create a shop and sell other companies ‘products for a commission.

  1. SEO specialist

SEO specialist

If you are a skilled copywriter, several website owners are looking for your services in India. Websites need copywriters’ services to help them optimize and rank their content better on search engine platforms like Google. You will need a good knowledge of SEO to excel in these fields.

  1. Online tutoring

Online tutoring

With the covid19 pandemic, the education sector is undergoing a drastic change. Classes are now moving online. If you love teaching and have a gift at imparting knowledge to others, take advantage of the wide availability of the internet in India and start online tutoring, and earn lots of income. You can check out some online courses for you to improve your digital marketing skills at SeekaHost University.

  1. Teach foreign language

Teach foreign language

With the world becoming a global language, people need to learn languages other than their native ones. There is a big demand for foreign language tutoring services from students, professionals, and business people who traverse the globe, searching for better opportunities. Research on the on-demand foreign language and start offering online tutorials.

  1. Software development

Software development

The world is running on technology, and if you have excellent IT skills, you can develop ideal softwares that solve people’s everyday problems. Once your website is functional, you can sell it and earn a lot of money.

  1. Start a podcasts

Start a podcasts

Typically a podcast is a digital audio file that one posts online for users to download and listen to. An ideal podcast should be enjoyable, well researched, well presented, and have factual content. You can also build a list of loyal subscribers who will log in and download your podcast every time you upload fresh content. Determine to sell the podcast instead of gifting them free.

  1. Sell photos online

Sell photos online

Taking high-quality photos and selling them online is a sure way to generate an extra income in India. If you love photo shootings, you can take impressive photos of nature, animals, or people and post them on stock online photo sites such as istockphoto or Shutterstock. If your photos are exceptional, you will easily land high paying clients

  1. Watch movie previews

Watch movie previews

Online platforms such as InboxDollars will pay you to watch and prereview the latest movie reviews, celebrity news, and the latest news. You are given a playlist ranging from a few minutes to half an hour to watch and preview. You could be paid up to $225 a day for watching the movies.

  1. Partime bookkeeping

Partime bookkeeping

If you have bookkeeping skills, you can offer your services online and help to start businesses and run their operations. With good math, excellent computing skills, and a high organization level, your services can earn you up to $60 per hour.

  1. Virtual assistant

Virtual assistant

Virtual assistance needs excellent communication and organizational skills. The job involves answering calls, returning emails, booking travel and accommodation, and running social media accounts for your clients. The job spans across boundaries and comes with a lot of flexibility.

  1. Data entry

Data entry

Data entry is another excellent option for anyone looking to work and earn online in India. The job is easy to start, as it requires minimal capital. With a computer or laptop and reliable internet, you can sign up in broker sites like Clickworker or Smartworker and start working. The job pays per hour or per project.

  1. Sell on eBay

Sell on eBay

You can get extra income by selling products on the online platform eBay. If you are committed, you can earn up to $800 per day selling products on this platform. Ensure your products have engaging descriptions and eye-catching photos.

  1. Resell web hosting

Resell web hosting

Resell hosting is also an excellent opportunity to make money online. It involves providing a dedicated server space that your buyer will use to build their own web hosting brand. If you put enough effort, you can quickly become one of the top web hosting giants in India.

  1. Create a membership site

Create a membership site

Membership sites are now quite popular. You can create an online site that gives users access to online courses, videos, and commentaries. Once you gain high traffic, you can design a membership section that offers premium content. You can then charge a membership fee or use the channel for advertising and selling products and services.

  1. Sell advertising space

Sell advertising space

It is possible to monetize your site through advertising. However, your website should receive a high number of traffic to earn big profits.  Your payments will depend on the number of clicks and impressions the adverts receives from your visitors. There are several ad networks available such as Google’s AdSense, Ezoic, and Media.

  1. Create a subscription job board

Create a subscription job board

Job boards are ideal ways to earn passive income with your websites. Employers looking to hire specific skills will post a job listing on your site. Your visitors will then apply for the job. You can charge employers to post jobs or charge your visitors a monthly fee.

  1. Create an online directory

Create an online directory

You can also create an online directory and charge people monthly fee for directory listing. You should focus on creating an authoritative site that gets a lot of traffic if you want to earn big profits from this venture. You can also charge a premium fee for companies to self-list on your directory.

  1. Publish kindle books

Publish kindle books

It is possible to turn your writing passion into a dream by self-publishing your books. Write the best content that captures and intrigues the reader and publish your own kindle book. However, you should have excellent writing, editing, formatting, and cover designing skills. You should also know how to upload the books on platforms like Amazon Kindle.

  1. Buy and sell domain names

Buy and sell domain names

Another excellent way to earn money online in India is by buying and reselling domain names. You can purchase an ideal domain using tools like Just Dropped. Afterward, relist the domain names and sell them for a profit. Domain selling has huge potential & if you would like to find some good expired domains and sell it, you can check out

  1. Invest in crypto

Invest in crypto

Trading in Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin returns enormous profits. Take time to learn how to trade in cryptocurrencies before you venture into it. You can invest coins just before they IPO and wait for their value to grow. You can also learn how to program and work with blockchain.

  1. Sell products on amazon

Sell products on amazon

Amazon is arguably the most significant online retailer that features several thousands of products. You can create an eCommerce shop with the platform. The secret to success with amazon is to find products that are selling well.  Then Buy cheaply, rebrand, and resell the products at a profit. You may also opt to work with a manufacturer to customize its products and dropship them to your buyers.

  1. Test websites and give feedback

Test websites and give feedback

In case you have an excellent eye for design and possess excellent website or app skills, you can monetize on your skills by offering feedback and testing of websites for usability errors. Check for clarity of content, design of the layout, and usability of the navigation menu and offer website owners objective feedback that improves their websites’ performance.

  1. Narrate audiobooks

Narrate audiobooks

The audiobook industry has been growing by leaps in recent times. More and more people are now preferring to listen to their books rather than reading them. If you have a great voice and love reading, you can earn a lot of money working as an audio narrator. An easy way to get started on this venture is by signing up on a platform like ACX.

  1. Become a graphic designer

Become a graphic designer

If you possess excellent design skills, you can earn lots of money through graphic design. Design tools like illustrator and photoshop will come in handy in designing exceptional products for your clients. You also can sign up on platforms like 99designs and test your skills.

  1. Become an Instagram influencer

Become an Instagram influencer

Instagram is a very popular social media platform in India. If you have a large enough Instagram following, you can earn a lot of money through the platform. Large brands and companies will pay you to post about their products on your Instagram page. The size of your followers and their level of engagements determine the much you will earn

  1. Manage social media accounts

Manage social media accounts

If you are active on social media, then there is an opportunity to earn a decent living by managing social media accounts for clients. With requisite social media expertise, you can convince others to manage their accounts on their behalf for a fee.

  1. Sell your art and design

Sell your art and design

If you possess excellent design skills, then you can sell your designs through sites like Society6. You can easily upload your unique designs for buyers to check out and buy. Some platforms allow you to create your own shop where you upload the designs and choose the ones you want to display.

  1. Baby sitter

Baby sitter

A child care business at home is profitable in India. This job can be done as a part-time hustle, depending on your schedule. Alternatively, you can also do it as a full-time job and realize more income. With more and more babies being born each day in India, you can be sure to stay in business for long. Set up an online site and advertise your baby care services within your locality.

  1. Clinical research coordinator

Clinical research coordinator

With the covid19 pandemic, many researchers worldwide are putting a lot of effort and resources on finding a vaccine. You can position yourself as a clinical research coordinator to manage operations for clinical trials in India.  Research on the companies doing trials for the covid19 vaccine and apply for research coordinator positions.

Bottom line

There are endless legitimate ways to earn money online in India. The 35 best ways we have discussed here require focus, and a lot of dedication to be successful.

Many of the options are real jobs that require you to put in hours if you want to earn big. They also need seriousness, professionalism, and requisite knowledge and skillset. Try one of the options today and start making huge profits.

If you’re a student in India, see how you can make money online in this student guide.

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