6 Best Jewellery Investments For 2022


In recent years more people are looking for investment opportunities which can set you up for life if done right. Many top investors are now even putting some of their options into investment jewellery pieces as they can fetch a huge return if kept long enough.

Every couple of years, a new trend comes back, and vintage and antique jewellery are on-trend. Investment is not about what is trending though, it is what is going to still be on-trend in 20 years’ time.

For this reason, it can be difficult to determine what pieces to invest in. Take a trip to London’s Hatton Garden and look at some of the best pieces of jewellery in the UK.

In this article, we will go through some of the best types of jewellery to invest in for 2022.

Types of Jewellery Predicted to Perform Well in 2022

1. Natural Saltwater Pearls

natural-saltwater-pearls-as-jewellery-investmentsNatural saltwater pearls have become increasingly popular for investment purposes in recent years and there is no sign of it stopping in 2022. The value of these natural pearls comes from the fact that they are next to impossible to find as hardly anyone pearl dives anymore due to the increased danger awareness of the trade. Most of the saltwater pearls you see in stores are hundreds of years old and are extremely rare. This is why you should snatch up a good offer on real saltwater pearls in 2022.

2. Coloured Diamonds

coloured-diamonds-as-jewellery-investmentsUsually, we would say that colourless diamonds are the best diamonds to invest in, but in recent years, coloured and “fancy” diamonds have become increasingly popular. White diamonds are graded on the GIA scale from D to Z with D being white and Z having a slight tinge of yellow. The more colour, the lower the price.

Coloured diamonds are not graded like this and are graded more like pearls. The GIA shows that only 1 in 10,000 coloured diamonds have the desired colour for jewellery purposes. To show how much these jewels go for, the CTF Pink Star is the most expensive gemstone to have ever been purchased at auction for over $71m.

3. Rare Vintage Rings

rare-vintage-rings-as-jewellery-investmentsVintage and antique jewellery is of course one of the best investment pieces in 2022 and for good reason. A rare piece such as a vintage emerald ring from a designer such as Van Cleef can fetch anything over £200,000 which will obviously increase in value over time with vintage jewellery prices increasing up to 80% in recent years, so it is definitely worth investing in an antique or vintage piece to add to your investment portfolio. If you are struggling to think of an era to invest in, Art Deco is a one-way ticket to making a profit.

4. Signed Designer Jewellery

signed-designer-jewellery-as-jewellery-investmentsTop designers are going to receive a larger price tag for their jewellery with the likes of Bvlgari, Van Cleef and Cartier fetching high price tags. This is one that is best left for the professionals to verify as some can be replicas. There are some things to take into consideration when it comes to signed jewellery as these can affect the price significantly. These include:

  • Age: the age of the piece is definitely something to pay close attention to. The older the better with this factor as a piece made from Cartier made in the 1800s is always going to increase in value.
  • Authenticity: If you are going to be spending a lot of money on investment pieces, the first thing you need to do is check if it is legit or not. This verification will be in the form of a certificate. If the jeweller can’t provide this, then don’t buy it.
  • Level of Craftsmanship: Even the best designers create some bad pieces, so if you are serious about investing in a piece, then it is best to take a professional with you to see whether the pieces have been well made and to check whether the craftsmanship resonates with the price.
  • Desirability: I know we said trend doesn’t matter but buying an ugly piece because it’s cheap and has the right dates doesn’t ensure you have a profit as you still need to be able to sell the product once you are ready to resell.

5. Kashmir Sapphires

kashmir-sapphires-as-jewellery-investmentsSapphires are a beautiful gemstone to own and have become increasingly popular in recent years. Many deem sapphires much more desirable than diamonds, which is true when it comes to investment potential. In 2022, high-quality Kashmir sapphires have seen one of the biggest just in popularity for investment.  They can range in colours with shades of blue, orange, and yellow making them extremely versatile for people.

6. Unheated Burma Rubies

unheated-burma-rubies-jewellery-investmentsJust like sapphires, rubies are also one of the most exciting investments for 2022 with the rarer rubies bringing a higher price. The thing to remember with rubies is that the colour is the biggest factor with vivid red being the most desirable. You will also need to ensure that the gemstone has not received any heat treatment with relevant certification.

With these precious jewellery investment options, you should be on course to increase your returns over time. You can consult renowned jewellers in London for further advice.

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