Reasons Why Hatton Garden is among the Popular Places of London

Reasons why Hatton Garden is among the popular places of London

London is a popular tourist’s destination that enjoys the inflow of many travellers every year. It is a place that is filled with several attractions that witness many people visiting them.  Among the popular places in London, Hatton Garden Street which is located in the Holborn district of the London Borough of Camden is one among them.

It is a commercial zone that is named after Sir Hatton Garden and is one of the best places for buying jewellery. A few reasons why it is so popular among the tourists and locals has been listed below.

Hatton Garden is the best place for buying diamonds

Hatton Garden is the Best Place for Buying Diamonds

If you are in London and looking for a place to buy jewellery from, then Hatton Garden is the place for you to shop from. For a long time Hatton Garden has been the centre of the diamond trade in London and therefore the street is filled with several shops that sell fine jewellery at attractive prices.

Whether you want jewellery made of natural diamonds, cultured diamonds or other gemstones, you’ll find them all in Hatton Garden. The variety that you will find in Hatton Garden is unmatched and you will surely find something to match your tastes.

Hatton Garden is well connected

One of the most important reasons why Hatton Garden enjoys popularity among people is because it is very well connected and is very easy to reach here. The London Underground lines are just a 10 to 15 minute walk away from the Hatton Garden Street.

You can also reach the Farringdon Station by walking for 10 mins from Hatton Garden Street. From here people are easily able to connect to all important parts of London. Therefore, it is very easy to reach Hatton Garden for all your shopping requirements.

Hatton Garden has several businesses

Hatton Garden has several businesses

Apart from being a jewellery hub, Hatton Garden Street has outlets of several other businesses. It’s like a one stop solution for all your shopping needs. Whether you want jewellery, furniture, groceries or cosmetics, Hatton Garden has it all. If you ever feel you need to shop for multiple things at once without having to hop from one place to another then you should visit Hatton Garden.

Hatton Garden is full of entertainment

Hatton Garden is full of entertainment

Hatton Garden is a fun place to be in. The entire street is very lively where you can spot local artists performing during the summer months. There is never a dull moment here. Hatton Garden also has theatres and music studios to entertain you if you ever get bored of shopping for your diamond wedding ring London.

It also has some amazing restaurants and café’s that offer some mouth-watering refreshments along with live music for you to revel in. The adjacent Leather Lane market also provides you with several opportunities for food and drinks.

If you ever visit London, make sure to visit the Hatton Garden Street in order to experience the fun of shopping.

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