What is New in Mobile App Development?

What is New in Mobile App Development

Ever since the disruption led by smartphones kicked into the picture, mobile applications became one of the highly overarched intangible assets of the digital economy. It is partly due to their ability to transcend across the conventional ecosystem of web-based applications plying on the browsers and standing out as a piece of standalone software.

The other reason is the diversity of utilities that are catered to by the apps, subsequently emerging as an alternative avenue for minting money through sponsored marketing campaigns. However, this piece of the blog does not entail the monetary aspect of mobile apps; rather it aims at dwelling upon the future trends in the app development that would inhibit the mobile app market from achieving its saturation. Some of the quirkiest trends in the app development market are discussed below with their applications across industries.

What is New in Mobile App Development?

1. Blockchain Trends

Blockchain Trends

Blockchain technology has emerged as the breeding ground for cryptocurrencies such as bitcoins and altcoins, wherein the above technology serves in the capacity of a digital ledger that could track every transaction made through decentralized cryptocurrencies. Post the universal acceptance of cryptocurrencies by the industry stalwarts, the large-scale transition from fiat currencies to cryptocurrencies is readily apparent.

For instance, a stock trading strategy is one such avenue that has been recently subjected to the above transition wherein, crypto-assets are preferred over the conventional currency options by different institutional investors, thus adding to the sophistication of fin-tech mobile apps for reaping greater dividends.  Likewise, another potential Blockchain trend that could manifest itself through mobile apps is lending vitality to the process of supply chain management and turning it more streamlined.

2. Augmented Reality/ Virtual Reality Trends

Virtual Reality Trends

Mobile AR technology could possibly turn into one of the forerunners of path-breaking innovations in the fields of science and the education system. For instance, remote telepathy is one such prominent aspect of AR-enabled mobile apps that could empower patients suffering from chronic schizophrenia and require constant supervision of medical consultants. Similarly, mobile apps incorporating haptic feedback as a strategic feature of their UI design is another key measure to accelerate the pace of users’ familiarity with the apps.

3. IoT Trends in App Development

IoT Trends

IoT or commonly regarded as the Internet of Things is an amalgamation of smart devices that collectively form an ecosystem of end-terminals having the potential of establishing communication among themselves. This end-to-end customizable wireless network offers an abundance of opportunities when viewed in tandem with the mobile app landscape. For instance, mobile apps could serve as one of the several access points for remotely tweaking into the network nodes and adding or eliminating smart devices in real-time. Moreover, similar to the league of search assistants such as Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant, mobile apps rendering IoT features could be turned into autonomous systems, which are able to learn and unlearn things from their surroundings through another promising technology known as predictive analytics.

The mobile app development industry will continue to grow at a quick pace, and the mobile app development industry will change as well. Mobile app solutions will continue to be steered by growing mobile app platform development technologies, increasing backend platforms, and microservices, as well as new hardware capabilities. The only way to withstand the cutthroat competition is to keep learning and being vigilant.

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