A Quick and Simple Guide to Writing an Essay

A Quick and Simple Guide to Writing an Essay

All school children and other students must write an essay at least once in their lives. This task is mandatory for school and university courses in social sciences, humanities, and even some exact sciences.

Many of us, regardless of age and experience, have doubts before writing an essay on a given or derived topic. However, you should not be afraid to write your paper. In this article, we will tell you the simple and correct rules of creating an essay, help you avoid mistakes, and fully reveal your talent.

Types of essays: what they are

According to modern rules, the type of essay depends on the topic and objectives. Today, these are some of the most common types of essays:

  • Analytical
  • Argumentative
  • Narrative
  • Descriptive

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Structure and plan of the essay

How to understand at a glance that we have an essay, and not an article or research paper? It is quite simply:

  • A small size
  • A free structure (the author can follow personal rather than conventional logic: for example, start with arguments, and then follow to the problem statement)

However, in schools and universities it is accepted that students adhere to a certain structure and plan for creating an essay:

  • Problem statement
  • Arguments
  • Conclusion

Also, the essay should have a problem. The author’s work should focus on revealing the problem, describing his or her own experience and impressions in this regard, proposals for solutions, and certain conclusions.

An essay can be considered as a work of art and requires the author to express themselves and show their own creativity. Show your own vocabulary, individuality, and originality. Make the text vivid, catchy, and not like millions of others. This is your main goal when writing an essay, after which you cannot so strictly follow other rules of writing.

Use imagery as well as aphorisms. Your work should combine features of artistic and journalistic styles, the main features of which are a large number of metaphors and images. You can use aphorisms, neologisms, puns, and more.

When creating an essay, do not abuse business, scientific, or office styles. Write simply but brightly, and do not use obscene language, slang, etc.

Instructions for writing a good essay

Before writing your essay, read other examples written on the same topic or in a freestyle. To create a good essay, follow these tips:

  • When you get a topic or come up with one, write down all that comes to mind.
  • Choose the main thing and write about it as if you were the first to write about the problem.
  • In your text, try to be convincing, logical, concise, emotional, and show a sense of humor.

An essay is not the only task students are assigned while studying. For example, you can also be assigned such assignments as coursework. If you don’t know how to deal with this assignment, check out how to write coursework. Good luck with your writing!


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