How 3D Technology Is Changing The Business of Marketers

The buyer’s remorse is what everybody has undoubtedly experienced. I’d be surprised if you didn’t. Marketers are always in the pursuit of adopting new ways to incorporate their strategies. No brand wants its customers to have remorse.

After all, we live in the age of digitalism and social media era, where everybody is just a click away to take out their post-purchase anger on social platforms, which are a great menace for any brand. So, brands need to give a real-life experience to users because it directly improves their buying experience.

In this regard, 3D technology is no less than a blessing. It is changing the paradigms for marketers by enabling them to get more significant benefits with the adoption of advanced technologies.

In 2019, SmarTech Analysis presents that the global manufacturing market grew by $10.4 billion, crossing the all-time double-digit billion thresholds in 40 years.

For many new entrepreneurs stepping into the business field, 3D technology for marketing is a great way to improvise the business.

How 3D Technology is a Game-Changer for Marketers

3D technology is a game-changer for marketers. Wondering how? Here it is!

1) More Power to MarketersHow 3D Technology Is Changing The Business of Marketers

Unlike before, businesses and marketers are becoming more powerful than ever with 3D technology advancements. And with this advancement, the trend of 3D marketing ads have been overtaking the advertisement process.

For the improvisation of user experience, the social media giants are adopting 3D technology by introducing 3D videos. Marketers are leveraging this capability at a large scale to maximize the results.

For example, Jameson Whiskey’s 3D Ad on social sites like Facebook and Instagram instantly got popularity as it gives the real-life illusion. Following this ad, there was an announcement at the F8 Conference that Facebook will allow 360-degree videos for its users.

2) Enhancement in Branding

Most marketers are well-aware that compelling pictures and videos are a great strategy in branding nowadays, and that is why more and more marketers are using videos in their branding campaign. With using 3D videos in advertisement strategy, your marketing strategy thrives.

You can connect with tons of different consumers, who will come to know about your brand instantly. For example, if you have a transportation business, you can create excellent videos and visual effects to show what your company offers.

3) Marketing by Storytelling

Everyone likes storytelling as it leads to amusement. It doesn’t matter what business stream you have; what matters the most is the story you tell your customers to which they get connected.

Marketing in a storytelling manner is everyone’s top choice. Implementation of all the 3D technology strategies would help you become successful.

3D ads are an excellent way to market your product or services in a storytelling manner. It creates the hooks that attract the customer and never let them go before making a purchase.

It also creates a sense of virtual tour that you are taking your viewer through.

4) Leveraging Customer Support

Every brand in this world puts their heart and soul together to provide great and splendid customer support. So, how 3D technology might help with this? It’s simple, 3D technology enables you to design creatively.

Creating 3D designed product or service manuals to deliver state-of-the-art insights regarding the product or service would help the customer understand things better and quickly decide to buy it.

For example, if you are marketing for a gaming campaign or promotional games, then the best idea is to use 3D technology to give the ultimate realistic experience. This experience allows people as they are there and can feel the real-life touch.

5) Personal Touch for Consumers

What’s super exciting about the 3D ads? It is the way they allow you to get the personalization.

Personalization and connection for the customers are what they look for the most. 72% of American consumers say and believe it that it is the packaging design which influences their purchasing decision.

With 3D technology in your marketing strategy, you can create a whole new and unique material, with fascinating and compelling design, filled with great and attractive colors, which can be a great differentiating factor.

Top Marketers Using 3D technology

When I talk about the top marketers using 3D technology, there are several brand names that come to mind. Some of them are:

i. Coca ColaCoca Cola - 3d Technology

Coca Cola is the pioneer in 3D technology. It all started when the brand wanted to launch the new Mini Bottles in the state of Israel back in 2013.

Remember, when the brand wants its customers to create tiny, little digital versions of them using a mobile application.

They then have to nurture their mini-me’s and the successful ones, won a free trip to Coca Cola Factory, where they can bring their mini-me’s to life using the 3D technology. It was something new, and obviously, the competitors never saw that coming.

ii. ESPNESPN - 3d Technology

The sports cable network is growing its interest in 3D technology-led design. The marketing team has understood that a three-dimensional structure is of great importance and plays a great role.

ESPN’s documentary ‘Basketball: A Love Story’ introduced smart 3D design features in the game in which 3D structures were created. Those structures were designed to display the tricks of basketball.

iii. NIKENIKE - 3d Technology

Nike is another leading player in the sports industry and a top pioneer in using 3D technology. The company has taken a step further by designing 3D designed and printed sneakers for customers worldwide.

It was also awarded the ‘Design of the company’ in 2019. Nike takes solid ground in 3D printing and introduced many 3D designs like Air Force High or Low and Flyprint.

iv. Sephora

Sephora - 3d Technology

The French multinational brand of personal care and beauty care store knows the value of connecting with the customers with touching and captivating designs.

It’s Sephora virtual artist who assists the customers in trying the cosmetic virtually on their lip, cheeks, and eye. So the customers can see the result of the product how it suits them.

Recently, the beauty brand launch 3D augmented reality mirror. According to the company claims, the company is able to simulate cosmetics on customer’s faces with this technology in real-time.

I wish that someday there would be some 3D services in writing services too. A 3D view would help students to visualize how their paper would look before they buy an essay online.

It’s a Wrap!

The world is transitioning rapidly, more than we can ever imagine. With 3D technologies more in action, brands and marketers use it to magnify the customers’ experiences.

I hope, not far, but more advancements would let us witness more 3D experiences, giving the customers the best insights and satisfaction that one only imagines of.

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