Property in Bulgaria for Digital Entrepreneurs: Should you buy properties in Bulgaria in 2020?

Property in Bulgaria for Digital Entrepreneurs

I have been to Bulgarian and lived a digital nomad lifestyle there, but I started to look at property in Bulgaria after my friend Stan and client of ClickDo SEO services, told me about buying properties in Bulgaria.

After a long call, he showed me why 2020 is the best year to invest in properties in Bulgaria as the prices low.

Amazing flat near to the sea or in mountains goes for such prices that are easily affordable for a UK person. I started to feel like cash buying few. Yes, you can only cash buy if you are not a Bulgarian and having mortgage-ready from there.

The best thing I live about Bulgaria is the super-fast internet connections. The WiFi even in the forest is so fast my 3 Mobile line connects at the top 4G when I am in Bulgaria. I do not know what will happen after Brexit, but the local internet contention is amazing and said to one of the fastest in the European country zone.

I felt the internet connection is the best I had and that made me think one day I will buy some properties in Bulgaria.

I’ve stayed in Sofia which is the capital city and travels to many places around. The best I liked was in the Bansko region and the Property in the Bansko region is the best if you like the mountainside and skiing.

There are many properties in Bulgaria for sale and for rent and rents are cheap.

Below you can see some properties that listed on a website so you get some ideas about the prices

Buying Properties in Bulgaria


properties in Bulgaria

You can see more here

You can even buy a super-luxury hotel-like apartment for under 200K Euros.

buy a luxury appartment in bulgaria


Bulgarian properties

Check this website for more details about that listing.

When I checked it, I started to think about it and discussing it with the SeekaHost team.

Honestly, I loved it in Bansko and it’s great.

The internet connects with 4G at the tops of snowy mountains.

I would say one of the best areas for digital nomads who love life in nature.

Can be closer to nature and breath fresh air and still get the work done and live for a very cheaper price.

Food and things are very affordable and cheap.

When you earn in British pounds you can live like a super start there.

Yesterday (13.06.2020) I went and gave an offered property in Essex in the UK near to London. It is like 35 minutes drive from where I live in Canary Wharf and the property price is in the £285,000 to £300,00 range and I offered £287,000 and waiting for the acceptance.

I really like the property but when I think about what I can buy for that money in Bulgaria it makes me think.

I am buying that property for the SeekaHost team to have it as a weekend holiday getaway home near London.

Also, have some plans about buying a mansion in Liverpool which goes at over £1.5 million.

Anyway, that’s my story as I’m coming to the Bulgarian properties market with my friend Stan.

We plan to have the best properties in Bulgarian listed on our new site but for now, you can check on the website that pops up on Google’s first page.

There are thousands of properties to be sold in Bulgarian currently and I would recommend you buying as soon as you can.

Prices are the cheapest right now and over the coming months, it will further go down and will start going up from 2021 and beyond.

Your best buy is to buy now and have them ready to make money rental properties or for your vacation homes and if you wish to sell them back in around 2027 when the markets will go up to peaks before it will crash again by or before 2030.

What do you think?

Written by Fernando Raymond

Founder & CEO - ClickDo™ & SeekaHost™

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