Rubbish can be a nuisance and very difficult to clear especially if left to pile up. We as Junk Bunk pride ourselves on offering the best services in rubbish removal for the best deals and on the same day in London. Our prices are pocket-friendly and our team is professional, friendly, and available 24/7 to answer any of your queries. We offer our services in several parts of London, this is North London, Kent, Essex, and Surrey.

We offer the following garbage removal services

  • Clearance of offices

We will clear all your unwanted office furniture, waste, and electronics in a very professional way.

  • Removal of rubbish

We will remove all kinds of rubbish ranging from office, garden, building, shed, and house effectively.

  • Clearance of garages

We will clear all the rubbish in your garage to ensure you have enough space for your use.

removal unwanted furniture

  • Disposal of furniture

All the old furniture you do not require will be cleared and disposed of, extra help will also be provided for the large furniture.

  • Clearance of houses

We assist in the clearing domestic houses, disposal of furniture, waste clearance in residences, and clearance of either small or full properties.

  • Clearance of sheds

We will clear waste from your sheds and even dismantle them as per your request.

  • Removal of garden wastes

We offer waste removals of gardens one-off and on a daily basis. Arrangement of a collection day with us is all you need to do to ensure you always have your garden clean and tidy.

  • Disposal of white goods

We all experts at getting rid of all those old stoves, refrigerators, and other electrical devices you no longer need.

  • Disposal of builders waste

All waste left after building; we easily clear it for you leaving you with a clean and amiable space.

Junk Bunk - rubbish removal

Why we are the best garbage removal service provider in London

  • Flexibility

Offering a wide range of clearance services and ensuring that our customers receive services that are the best fit for their needs is our greatest goal. You are sure to receive services that are flexible and convenient at any time you need them by just making a call.

  • Available 24/7

We are available 24 hours a day, all week. We also create convenience for our clients ensuring their duties are not interrupted by us offering our services.

  • Variety of services

As stated above, our services range from clearance of offices, garages, houses and sheds, removal of rubbish and garden waste, disposal of furniture, builders waste and white goods. We are able to clear all types of waste efficiently.

  • Cost friendly

Our services are very pocket friendly and adjusted on the amount of rubbish. Our prices are as low as £35 for small single items of maximum 50kg weight and £270 for full loads weighing 1200kgs.  Do not hesitate giving us a call or filling an online form on our website to clarify the cost of clearing your rubbish.

  • Customer-friendly

We are customer-friendly and aim at ensuring our clients are 100% satisfied. Our team is also always available to ensure you have all your queries attended to.

rubbish removal london

  • Professional team

Our teams are well trained to offer professional services. We provide our team with all the required tools in having their work done effectively. We also ensure that our entire waste disposal process is environmentally friendly.

  • Environmentally-friendly services

We are licensed by the London environmental agency. We always ensure that all waste collected is recycled to avoid environmental degradation.

  • Four Years of expertise

Having been in the industry for four years, we have gained enough experience that ensures we provide perfect clearance services that are environmentally friendly. We have also invested in a large professional team and tools enough to handle a large workload at any time.

You can reach us on +44 203 769 2921 or +44 1613940037 or email us at

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