6 Ways to Get Students Excited for Back to School Supply Drive

6 Ways to Get Students Excited for Back to School Supply Drive

How about organizing a back-to-school supply drive for families that are strained financially? This could be an intelligent way to ensure that students from such families are in school for the whole term without getting any learning resource constraints. However, you must ensure that students attend in large numbers and ask other members to attend. Here are some ways to make the students excited about the school supply drive.

6 Ways to Get Students Excited for Back to School Supply Drive

1. Involve students when organizing

Involve students when organizing

When organizing the event, it is important to involve students in this affair and have them discuss with you the important aspects that will make the day successful. You never know that one of them might have had prior experience.

You can involve about 10 students from various grades so that you can include their ideas in the plan. When you do this, these students are likely to mobilize their fellow students, who will, in turn, advertise the event to their parents, families, and friends in other professions.

2. Choose a weekend or a holiday date

Students are likely to be enticed by the idea of having a fun weekend away from books, the classroom, and assignments like writing an essay. Knowing that they can actively participate in any event without thinking too much about the class can be one way that will make them look forward to the day’s activities.

You can choose a weekend just before the opening date of the school. They will be eager to meet their classmates after spending a significant amount of holiday at home.  If you plan the event when the schools have already opened, having it on the weekend can also be a good breather for the students.

3. Organize an online fundraiser

Organize an online fundraiser

While not all people will manage to attend a boarding school supply drive, it is essential to have an online fundraiser before the main event. An online fundraiser will have many people participate and also raise the amount of money or supplies collected for the noble course.

The online fundraiser will be easier to organize and might even turn out to be cost-effective, which will be a big win for your drive.

4. Promote the drive on social media platforms

You can use many ways to promote your supply drive on various social media platforms using digital marketing strategies. For instance, you can choose to use nicely created images for this purpose and post them on various platforms. While doing this, look for free images so that you can scale down the cost of organizing the drive.

If you plan a bigger drive, you can even advertise print and non-print media. You can even go as far as YouTube advertisements for popular people and take advantage of connecting to a larger audience.

You can create physical or online school drive flyers that you will use to advertise your event. Some online tools give out free school posters that you can use.

5. Engage celebrities as influencers

Engage celebrities as influencers

Using influencers to promote your back-to-school supply drive is a sure way of reaching out to many people. You can request celebrities to advertise for you on their social media platforms.

When advertising, these influencers can even tell people that they will be attending the event. Many students will be eager to meet these celebrities and will try their best not to miss the affair.

Another way of using influencers is to incorporate them into the activities of the day. For instance, if you have a comedian or a musician, you can set aside several minutes where they will perform for the people that will be attending.

6. Promote the school drive in email newsletters

You can also use email newsletters to reach out to many people. In the email content, you can provide details of where the event will be conducted or a means by which people can send their donations.

There is a higher chance that most email users are parents who know the importance of this noble idea. Therefore, they will be willing to help in whichever way they can. As such, they will need to know your reasons for holding the vent. Therefore, be explicit as possible and interact with them and answer any questions they might have.

In the email, you can ask the parents to bring students along to make the event more colorful and meaningful. In this case, parents will act as tools to push their kids to attend the event.

Final thoughts

A successful back-to-school supply drive will largely depend on the intensive promotion that you have done. Take advantage of the media to advertise the events so that they can reach a wider audience. Also, consider the students’ needs to make the day more meaningful.

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