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Top 9 Content Marketing Tools To Boost Your Business

The world of content marketing technologies is subject to continuous evolution. Indeed, a robust plan and skilled employees are irreplaceable assets. However, a content marketing tool combined with the correct strategy can help you be a cut above the rest as far as performing content marketing tasks is concerned.

Top 9 Content Marketing Tools To Boost Your Business

With the right ingredients, you can do work more swiftly, conveniently, and productively. Check these most reliable software programs you can use to boost content marketing efforts.

1. Grammarly

Content marketers must eliminate all errors from their written content. However, doing this based on human understanding can hinder the process of rapid content creation. With this automated grammar and spelling checker, editors can proficiently edit blocks of text fast.

content marketing tools to boost your business - Grammarly

Grammarly displays an overall score for every document, which helps deduce the performance of the copy so that you can rectify the faulty elements in the composition. It also provides helpful suggestions regarding the engagement and delivery of the written piece, making it one of the most revered tools content marketers use.

2. Yoast

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a concern for any content marketer. Yoast provides a versatile platform to determine if a piece of content is SEO-optimized. Additionally, you can use Yoast as a WordPress plugin to automate your SEO optimization endeavors. Whatever your requirement may be, Yoast has everything in its store. You can optimize the content for a given keyword and smoothly manage meta-descriptions, URL slugs, internal links, etc.

3. Ahrefs

Content Marketing Tools To Boost Your Business - Ahrefs

Keyword research is part and parcel of a content marketer’s daily workflow. The Ahrefs SEO research tool can help you find, analyze and track the ranking of keywords from a user-friendly dashboard. Learning the basics of this SEO research tool can work like a charm as Ahrefs generates reports for top pages and content gaps to help you monitor your content’s performance in the market.

4. Trello

To boost your productivity and keep a tab on all your tasks and projects, use Trello. Tracking each segment of your content production lifecycle is a cakewalk with Trello’s Kanban feature. This tool is also helpful when you work with many staff writers and guest bloggers. With Trello, the opportunities are limitless. Whether you want to conduct growth experiments, observe sales pipelines, or build product feature roadmaps, Trello will make your work straightforward.

5. Proxies


Using a proxy, marketers can accomplish crucial business-related tasks with comparative ease. Investing in premium data center proxies from can help a company gather competitive intelligence by data scraping or other convenient methods. This way, a firm can get relevant knowledge to test its content strategy and improve its marketing efforts. Visit to get an idea about the highest ranking proxy providers.

6. HubSpot Marketing Hub

HubSpot has earned global recognition for its content marketing and SEO tools which can help any business achieve desired results. Its Marketing Hub provides an array of instruments that seamlessly blend with your company’s systems. From popup forms and live chat features to an all-in-one WordPress plugin, you get everything you need to equip your CMS platform with the best marketing tools.

7. WordPress


The world’s most popular content management system (CMS) is WordPress, which powers around 43% of all websites. This platform provides a robust open-source program that individuals can install on their servers effortlessly. WordPress comes with a myriad of helpful plugins, customizable themes, and editable templates, which require no coding skills. WordPress’s design is suitable for blogging yet supports more complex websites such as those for forums, e-commerce, and business directories.

8. Google Docs

Google Docs needs no introduction. With this browser-based alternative to Microsoft Office, marketers can establish a smooth workflow that doesn’t require switching to multiple applications on their computers. Google Docs provides seamless collaboration and versioning features, which help track the content development process. This word processor integrates with HubSpot and WordPress to provide the best experience.

9. Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a must-have for content marketers as this tool helps you track the performance of your website. With the feature-rich software, you can get a big-picture view of your website’s metrics from a central dashboard. This software integrates flawlessly with WordPress and other CMSs as well, meaning you can include it in your SEO marketing toolset effortlessly.

The Bottomline

With the proper software, you can get your job done faster and better. But remember, tools do not make a successful content creator. The instrument is only as good as the person using it. So, focus on creating a winning content strategy to get the most out of your efforts.

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