What is a business listing site in India and how they help in SEO?


We get tons to traffic from Google from searches from India looking for business listings sites in India. And some still do not understand what the good business listing site is and how you find and get listed for free.

In this post, I will explain to you what a listing site aka business directory is and how you find and get listed for free.

Recently Fernando Raymond has posted an updated list of business listing sites in India and if you had a look at them you will get some ideas about it as well. So, I highly recommend you read that post as well to understand the SEO perspective and why SEO consultants like Fernando have been using them through the years

What is a business listing site?

While looking towards some recent past years, businesses have taken an online grip, bringing the business listing sites as a front player having a significant role in that, so before moving towards the business listing site, you should gain a first site knowledge about the business listing. Now, what is business listing?

It is a bunch of advanced information and details about the business listed online. Furthermore, – it is also known as the spot for information seekers.

The business listing websites comprises of the NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) details. Some particular business listing also provides advanced details like website, working hours, and so on. It gives wide information about the business on many platforms so that they can be available online.

For business concerns to locate their websites online for promoting their business among the audience who can be their potential customers, the business listing has been created.

Some of the world-famous business listings are Google my business, Yelp, Facebook, Foursquare, etc.

It is also utilized to increase the reach of business profiles in searches over multiple search engines in local and mobile search queries.

Now connecting to the business listing sites, these sites are the platform having full details of the business’s concerns like the company, its business details, etc. It supports businesses in giving considerable brand value presence on the internet’s search engine and helps in for SEO on the local level.

Once on getting approval businesses to show their lists locally on a search engine while typing the business name on the SERP page.

However,  Google is still best for searching for any business in the world, business listing sites work for the benefits of the local business by providing them with great opportunities for business. To know more about business listing click here 

Does Business listing sites help in SEO?

They help in SEO by targeting the local market through a search engine

Business listing sites support SEO by targeting the local market through the search engines. The main aim of the business listing sites is to make business more visible and accurate. So, they watch and choose the local businesses, having better information listed with good search engine optimization, and trustworthy on the internet.

They help in SEO by improving the internet linking structure

Business listing sites help in SEO, by improving the internet linking structure of a business can boost the SEO rankings of business. These are done by:

  • Supporting website navigation.
  • Distributing page authority and ranking power among pages.

They help SEO by adding location pages to the business websites

Business listing sites add location pages to the business websites, which provide readers with the business name, address, phone no., transit information, promotions, etc. It is also significant for avoiding duplicating content across multiple locations. Click here for more.

Ensure website are mobile-friendly

By making the website mobile-friendly for the business company prospects and customers, business listing sites can the SEO.

Final words

Though business listing sites in India have a significant role in making and growing business with potential customers. Besides, they help SEO. Yet they can set some more goals for the future development of business.

And if you are looking for free business listing sites in India, do head over to Fernando’s blog and pick the best from the top 200 he has recommended.

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