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  • SeekaHost review

    SeekaHost Review: Top 3 Personal Website Hosting: Monthly Packages Reviewed

    When it comes to personal website hosting, you should opt for an affordable and at the same time, reliable company to host your website. Because there are numerous website hosting services online and very few can offer the guidance and assurance to set up your website and get it working right. Fortunately, SeekaHost is one […] More

  • facebook application

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    Reasons You Never Mess With the Facebook Facebook, as we all know, is one of the most used social networking applications. Facebook was initially created for college students by Mark Zuckerberg. But now it’s being used by anyone and everyone. Facebook is quite an entertaining platform. It can provide entertainment and also you can entertain […] More

  • printer drivers for windows

    HP Printer Drivers for Windows 7: Here’s What you Need to Know

    How do I download HP printer drivers on Windows 7? If you’re a Windows 7 user, then you must be aware that Microsoft has already made the operating system obsolete. The team decides to do so as the operating system no longer serves most of the purpose while new and better versions are on the […] More

  • Coronavirus Outbreak

    Top tips to managing your Google Ads during the coronavirus outbreak?

    Managing Your Online Marketing During the Coronavirus Outbreak An international pandemic, the effects of coronavirus are becoming ever more apparent. Not just affecting our lifestyles and the way we communicate and conduct daily activities. The development of this virus has even altered the way that we as consumers are shopping. With one element remaining static […] More

  • vpn

    Is Your VPN Vulnerable to Chinese Hackers?

    This major Chinese VPN provider has been hacked VPN services are designed to protect internet users and their personal data from hackers, snoopers, and other malicious attackers. But what if the VPN service that’s supposed to protect gets hacked instead? It might be ironic, but this is exactly what’s been happening recently. Chinese hackers have […] More

  • sitemap

    What Is XML Sitemap & How To Submit It using Search Console

    What is XML Sitemap? XML stand’s for Extensible Mark-up language. In our website we have hundreds and thousands of pages, if you need to index our web pages, we have to give info to the Google. XML sitemaps are more important for really large websites. If you have hundreds of links or thousands of pages […] More

  • benefits of going to a boarding school

    10 benefits of going to a boarding school?

    A vital part of a child’s development within their early years and a key part that can prepare them and set them on the right path for the rest of their life and that is their education. With many different forms of education, from mainstream to private, some children find themselves flourishing when sent to […] More

  • Amazon's A9 algorithm and Its Impact on Product Ranking

    Amazon’s A9 algorithm and Its Impact on Product Ranking

    An established seller or a novice in the e-commerce business, it is very important for you to comprehend Amazon’s A9 Algorithm to rank high on Amazon searches. This would be the primary step to drive traffic to your listings and increase your sales. You need to apply strategies and techniques optimized for the algorithm in […] More

  • Affiliate Marketing Programs for Website Agencies

    5 Affiliate Marketing Programs for Website Agencies

    Word of mouth is not often considered a form of marketing that money can buy, but that is a great way to describe affiliate programs. Many businesses, including plenty of website agencies, will pay top dollar to anyone who directs customers to their services. If you have a knack for persuasion, here are five programs […] More

  • Move Your Fitness Business Online

    Seven Top Tips to Move Your Fitness Business Online

    Like most sectors, the fitness industry has felt the effects of Covid-19 as gyms and activity centers have closed. Professionals have had to get creative and find new ways to generate income. Below are some top tips for those looking to take their fitness skills online. Set up an online fitness business with video workouts   […] More

  • network problem

    Basics of Troubleshooting a Wireless Network

    How do I troubleshoot my wireless network? Troubleshooting is a logical process of tracing a fault in a computer network and setting it right quickly and efficiently to recover the network. A computer network fails or stops working when one or more computers go off the network suddenly. In real terms if you talk, these […] More

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